Sexual Outlaws: ‘Gay For Pay’ Paratroopers

This month’s Details magazine car­ries a let­ter (which Details strangely neg­lected to show to me) by vet­eran gay writer John Rechy, author of the cult 60s hust­ler nov­els ‘City of Night’ and ‘Numbers’, and the 70s plea for homo tol­er­ance ‘The Sexual Outlaw’ (books I enjoyed as teen­ager in the 80s). He takes issue with my recent story on the gay porn scan­dal involving the 82nd Airborne.

After agree­ing that it was wrong for the young enlis­ted para­troop­ers to be pun­ished so severely by the mighty US Army for what they did in their own time and with their own bod­ies – lit­er­ally out of uni­form – he gets to the main busi­ness of his letter:

…Simpson is entirely naïve when he upholds the absurdity that “straight” men who per­form – for pay or oth­er­wise – con­sen­sual gay sex are still straight, des­pite being aroused to the point of orgasm. This is strictly a lure by the cun­ning oper­at­ors of these sites to their gull­ible cli­ents who want to believe the fantasy. Those seven para­troop­ers should not have been pro­sec­uted, but they should not claim to be “straight” either. By doing so, they com­pound the dis­hon­esty of the whole situation.’

In other words, they shouldn’t be pun­ished for appear­ing in a gay video – but they deserve to be horse­whipped in the let­ters pages for their ‘dishonesty’.

I’m grate­ful to Rechy for cla­ri­fy­ing mat­ters. For years I’ve laboured under the naïve and absurd delu­sion that I was homo because I pre­ferred males. Now I real­ise my dis­hon­esty: how can I be homo? I’ve had sex with women! ‘To the point of orgasm’. And I wasn’t filmed. Or even paid.

It is per­haps too easy to make fun of his argu­ment. Lots of people have dif­fi­culty today accept­ing the idea that when two males have sex with another this does not neces­sar­ily mean that, before the spilled semen has even had time to cool, they have to book their own float at Pride. Once upon a Kinseyian time, prob­ably most male-on-male sex involved men who were oth­er­wise het­ero­sexual. In the 1940s Dr Sex fam­ously found that 37% of his inter­viewees admit­ted to sex ‘to orgasm’ with other males. (Though he was of course attacked for this find­ing by those who claimed he was entirely naïve and hadn’t inter­viewed enough ‘nor­mal’ men.)

As recently as the 1960s, a pan­icked British Navy called off an invest­ig­a­tion into homo­sexu­al­ity on Her Majesty’s ships because it was found that at least ’50% of the fleet have sinned homo­sexu­ally.’ Understandably, the author­it­ies hast­ily decided they would rather have a fleet than kick out every man who had ever engaged in spot of sod­omy, with or without the lash.

Though some gays seem unwill­ing to be as prag­matic or tol­er­ant as the 1960s Royal Navy. They seem, like Rechy, to want to press-gang any man who touches another man’s penis into the gay iden­tity. Or, as a fall­back pos­i­tion: ‘bisexual’ — in the sense of ‘nearly-gay’.

Obviously a pro­por­tion of Dink’s ActiveDuty mod­els must be gay or bisexual. After all, I appeared in an ActiveDuty video — and in fact not all of them are presen­ted as straight. And of course a cer­tain amount of scep­ti­cism is under­stand­able, advis­able even. And Dink him­self told me that he thought that quite a few of his mod­els were prob­ably ‘bi-curious’, and that iron­ic­ally, appear­ing in his videos for cash was for them a ‘safe’ way of explor­ing this.

But what is remark­able is just how reli­giously cer­tain Rechy et al are that these chaps can’t be straight. None of them.

My sense how­ever, as someone who has actu­ally met some of them — and per­formed with them — is that many if not most of them are prob­ably oth­er­wise het­ero­sexual. I can’t of course prove this, and per­haps it really is my gull­ible fantasy – but then neither can Rechy prove they’re not. And the onus of proof is with the pro­sec­u­tion. Besides, if you really do think that hav­ing sex with another male means you de facto can’t be straight, then you are effect­ively say­ing that any and all male-on-male sex auto­mat­ic­ally con­signs you into a sep­ar­ate, abnor­mal spe­cies of male.

Alas, male-on-male sex is not some magical, irres­ist­ible juju that robs hetero men of their pref­er­ence for pussy should they ever exper­i­ence it. Even when it’s me they have sex with (I like to think my dick is magical, but non­ethe­less…). For quite a few straight men, espe­cially those who aren’t schooled in bour­geois niceties, like the coun­try boys who become para­troop­ers, ‘cock fun’ is much less of a deal than it is for many gays. It’s just a naughty giggle. Or a quick way of earn­ing some cash. Something Rechy should know from his hust­ler nov­els — though as I recall they were usu­ally about hust­lers who thought they were straight but even­tu­ally real­ised that they were actu­ally John Rechy.

I sus­pect that part of the reason so many homos want to see straight guys hav­ing sex with one another — and will pay good money for it — is the para­dox­ical appeal of see­ing inno­cence ‘cor­rup­ted’, and cor­rup­tion rendered ‘inno­cent’. Straight gay porn, when it’s done right (and Dink seems to know exactly how), looks like a ful­fil­ment of the fantasy of much of gay porn: a care­free, smil­ing, laugh­ing, ras­cal­ish dis­cov­ery of mas­cu­line erotic pleas­ure — free of shame and pride, free in fact of ‘sexu­al­ity’. Tom of Finland draw­ings, pre 1970s, brought to life. Ironically, straight guys are some­times bet­ter able to embody the gay ideal than gays.

Speculation aside, the ‘bot­tom’, slightly coun­ter­intutive line here is that the fact that someone appeared in a gay porn video, even with an out­sized mem­brum virile in one or both of his ori­fices, doesn’t tell you what his sexual pref­er­ence is. All it tells you is that he appeared in a gay porn video. And per­haps that he can take it like a trooper.

As one of the para­trooper mod­els replied when con­fron­ted by a shell-shocked Fayetteville woman who’d recog­nised him on the ActiveDuty site demand­ing to know how he could have done such a thing:

It was no big deal,’ he replied lac­on­ic­ally. ‘And besides, I got paid.’

A per­fect response to the mil­it­ary, to offended/confused straights and gays alike. And to explan­a­tions in gen­eral. Foucault would have approved — even if it does some­what under­mine the need for three volumes of ‘A History of Sexuality’.

Salon vs Details: James Collard of The London Times speaks to editor Kerry Lauerman about his decision to spike Simpson’s ori­ginal piece because it was deemed ‘too risqué’ for Salon — two years before the Active Duty scan­dal became a major inter­na­tional story — and a major fea­ture in Details magazine. [link removed as page no longer active.]

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  1. Hi,

    A couple of points come to mind,

    a) The appar­ent insist­ence on labeling all sexual beings in shades of black/white with no gray areas. Allied to that is the inab­il­ity to accept sexu­al­ity as fluid and/or a con­tinuüm, and the con­vic­tion that sex acts are defin­it­ive of sexu­al­ity. Many cul­tures (Asian, Latino, Arab) con­done males’ sexual activ­it­ies with placebos like, “An erec­tion is king” . As long as the man in ques­tion is the act­ive part­ner in the encounter, he is (cul­tur­ally, at least) off the hook .

    I have per­sonal exper­i­ence in this area, I was raised in South Asia which was (sexu­ally) won­der­ful as long as I was young. The moment I iden­ti­fied myself as gay, the pro­ver­bial shit hit the fan. I have good reason to believe a lot of my encoun­ters were enlis­ted men and not one per­son raised an eye­brow about their actions. The cen­sure came when the world around us dis­covered I was over 21, at which point all hell broke loose.

    2) Second, when a straight man needs sex and isn’t able to find a woman, he may turn to another man to ful­fill his needs. It’s called situ­ational homo­sexu­al­ity — prac­tised by enlis­ted men & cons in jail among oth­ers. Everybody (and that includes some read­ers here — ShivaLives, PaulQ & Mr. X) wants to put things safely away by call­ing it some­thing (any­thing) … It seems to make them feel safe. Happily, gen­tle­men, everything in this won­der­ful world is fluid, change­able, tem­por­ary, ad hoc.…. why not enjoy the world as it is, leav­ing off try­ing to reshape it to suit the needs of the time? But, if that were pos­sible, there wouldn’t be com­ments on blogs like this and every­body would have to find some­thing else to do… They could go out and have sex with the first liv­ing being they see. Wouldn’t that make everybody’s day?

  2. Here is the real low­down on Active Duty:

    A mar­ine friend of mine has done videos for both Active Duty and Buzz West. He self-describes him­self as straight. However, I know that he has had sex with men out­side of doing gay porn. Like many horny mar­ines, if there are no women avail­able, they will let a guy suck their dick. For my friend, on a good day, he might describe him­self as “mostly straight.”

    In many of these “gay-for-pay” types minds, bisexu­al­ity is some who is equally attrac­ted to men and women. Many of the gay 4 pay guys are sexu­ally attrac­ted to women, but enjoy sex with men too. It might not be 50/50, it could be 90/10. However, that is still bisexuality.

    My mar­ine friend who did porn told me after his shoot with Active Duty when he was pick­ing up his money, the 5 mod­els he just had sex with were ask­ing him to hang around at Dinks place. He basic­ally said to me that after get­ting paid, those guys con­tin­ued to party and have sex with each other. On Buzz West, he has gone over Buzz’s place to get head from Buzz even when he’s not doing videos.

    A few weeks ago, I had sex with another mar­ine who was cool enough to self-describe him­self as bi-sexual. He was basic­ally like every other guy on Active Duty, Sean Cody, etc. We actu­ally talked in detail about it: he finds him­self enjoy­ing sex with men, but he’s emo­tion­ally and romantic­ally inter­ested in women. When we had sex, he didn’t want to kiss prob­ably cause he asso­ci­ated that with being in love.

  3. PaulQ-I’m Indian and I’m a queer Hindu, so that is why I call myself Shiva as a name on here.

    I can call someone faggy, stop try­ing to be all PC on me and tell me that I some­how can’t or that it’s homo­phobic or wrong, and lighten the fuck up.

    Only gay men are delu­sional enough to believe in gay4pay or that the men in Gay4Pay porn are really “straight”.

    I don’t care how nice an inter­view Kurt Wild is or the guys from ActiveDuty are, they are not straight and they never are or have been since they are hav­ing sex with men.

    Have you ever actu­ally seen the Active Duty porn that Mark Simpson wrote about?

    I have and it’s obvi­ous that the men in it are bisexual. Hell, even the title ref­er­ences how the act­ors are bisexual!

    Taking dir­ec­tions does not mean any­thing in porn. You some­how think that this makes the people in all male porn “straight” and this just shows how fool­ish you are.

    The men who do porn with com­pan­ies like Sean Cody, Active Duty, or Corbin Fischer are all small time porn stars and do not make nearly any money at all and even if you are with a big­ger
    stu­dio you still do not make lots of cash.

    Also the stu­dio heads just want to use their per­formers like meat to make money, and could care less about their well being as human beings.

    What is sad is the after­math of what hap­pens to some of the act­ors within a rel­at­ively short period of time. Most are “old” after the fourth or fifth video scene and told to move on.

    However the days of being a celebrity/star in the porn industry are over and long gone. This isn’t the 1970s.

    I’ve known plenty of men who have kids. Biological kids. Don’t try to tell me
    that gay porn is the only way these obvi­ously intel­lie­gent men can make money. That’s just silly.

    Kurt should be ashamed of him­self for expos­ing him­self on TV like that.

    What’s going to hap­pen in a few years when his kids grow up and some class­mates start passing his dad’s films and the Tyra Banks inter­view around for all to see?

    Kurt Wild and all other men who do gay/all male porn work in gay porn because they enjoy sex with men. Don’t take my word for it.

    Go to their blogs, watch their inter­views, and they will tell you the same thing. They write about it constantly.

    IF you enjoy sex with men even if you do porn or are a whore, and you are a man then you are by defin­i­tion not straight. Bi or gay yes, but not straight.

    If they are hav­ing sex bombed on alco­hol with sober people, no mat­ter what their sexual ori­ent­a­tion is, you real­ize that’s rape right?

    Shit, why not just show people abus­ing crys­tal meth since appar­ently a lot of young urban gay men are big into this nowadays? (sar­casm) Also A LOT of “gay” for pay porn is bare­back and this is wrong.

    I bet if the per­formers on ActiveDuty and other sites were swishy and effem­in­ate you guys wouldn’t believe them when they said they were straight.

    I have seen sites where the per­formers are hon­est about how they are bisexual and gay and not all the men in the porn are mas­cu­line and many are fem­in­ine and this is really refreshing.

    What “gay” for pay actu­ally means is “bisexual.” Conventional wis­dom on what makes a male per­former gay for pay is that he’s straight-identified in his mind but “works” in gay porn. In both gay and straight porn, the defin­i­tion and cat­egor­ies of bisexu­al­ity are handled con­fus­ingly at best, insult­ingly at worst. Not that so-called gay-for-pay per­formers would even be com­fort­able with the label “bisexual” — a look at the openly homo­phobic, biphobic, and some­times hos­tile and even (recently) mur­der­ous his­tory of gay-for-pay per­formers tells us a lot about the taboos of true bisexu­al­ity in porn.

    All gay for pay is, is a resur­gence of ‘bisexual.’ Bisexuality has gone in and out of
    fash­ion through­out his­tory — the last time it was fash­ion­able was in the 1970s. Now it’s not. Porn mar­keters think gay for pay is sex­ier and more sellable than call­ing it bisexual.

    The ques­tion raised here is who’s really get­ting the shaft (pun inten­ded) with the gay-for-pay label? Is it the per­formers who feel that being called gay for pay is their safest option? Is it a porn industry with bi-phobia, per­petu­at­ing sexual-orientation con­flicts with mar­ket­ing labels? Is it the view­ers, who might think that gay for pay is really a sexual ori­ent­a­tion? Is it the pres­sure to be either “straight” or “gay“
    in a world where we all need to be reminded that the Kinsey scale puts most of us some­where nearer the middle than on one side or the other?

    I blame a homo­phobic and biphobic soci­ety, in and out of porn, that stig­mat­izes the word bisexual.

  4. Anyone who believes for one minute that these men are “straight”, is a straight up MORON. These men and the stu­dios that pro­mote them are selling a fantasy to self loath­ing gay men, who are obsessed with “masculinity”.”

    I don’t think it has as much to do with self-loathing as it does with the more obvi­ous facts that straight guys are gen­er­ally bet­ter look­ing and sex­ier than gay guys. I don’t know about you but I like guys because they’re, well, guys. The prob­lem is that most ‘proud gay men’ are too caught up in their own fab­ulous­ness to be much good at just being guys — much less catch a football!

  5. First, it is very dif­fi­cult to respond to someone who calls him­self ‘Shiva’. I mean I’m not even sup­posed to look you in the eye, correct?

    No straight man will­fully sucks cock, no straight man gets fucked or fucks a guy.”

    So much for that green stuff …

    You are gay or bi, claim to be defend­ing ‘gay pride’, yet bor­row with impun­ity from the vocab­u­lary of homo­pho­bia in describ­ing a young man who really does hap­pen to be the father of three (or maybe four by now) as ‘the fag­gi­est thing I’ve ever seen’. Yes, gay porn is how little Kurt, blessed with boy­ish good looks and a dis­pro­por­tion­ate mem­brum virile, puts food on the table for his increas­ing brood.

    However, that only describes a minor por­tion of bisexual people. Some bi men are romantic­ally involved with women, but will have sexual rela­tions with a man on occas­sion. This man may be 96% geared toward women, but that 4% still enjoys sex with men.”

    I’m curi­ous to in know where you obtained these inter­est­ing statistics!

    I’d love to see the altern­at­ive dis­cus­sion about the huge num­ber of “straight for pay” (openly) gay men doing straight porn. Oops! That actu­ally doesn’t exist.”

    Oh, if there were any money in it it would!

    Straight men don’t have repeated or one time sex on cam­era with other men for a few hun­dred dol­lars a scene.”

    It’s a lot more than a few hun­dred dollars.

    The real reason why these guys won’t identify as bi or gay is … ”

    Because they’re straight. They really are.

    I believe Chi Chi La Rue has said that he likes work­ing with straight mod­els because ‘they take dir­ec­tion bet­ter, do what they’re told, BECAUSE THE ACTS ARE MEANINGLESS TO THEM’ It’s just a job. Another $500 if I eat his load? Make it an even grand and we’ve got a deal!

  6. The genius of ‘Active Duty’, and why it may be the best of all these sites, is that Dink Flamingo appre­ci­ates that most of his boys are doing stuff that is pro­foundly dis­taste­ful to them. He also knows that in Paratroopers and Marines he is deal­ing with a ‘no fear’ cohort of guys who will routinely do things like eat worms to prove how tough they are. So he turns his videos in to a big game, ‘I dare you to!’ ses­sion, and the guys actu­ally end up hav­ing rowdy fun — more fun than I’ve seen in any main­stream gay porn movie. “Arch your back!” isn’t exactly pillow-talk. I’m sure they’re all tanked, too.

  7. Gay porn work doesn’t pay much. It car­ries the cer­tainty of life­time stigma. Also, it can be psy­cho­lo­gic­ally dam­aging. Why would a straight guy think to endure all these hard­ships just for the oppor­tun­ity to make a measly few grand? It
    doesn’t add up, no, it just doesn’t.”

    The men in that doc­u­ment­ary you sited above were washed up per­formers in an busi­ness, main­stream gay porn, that had already become a dino­saur thanks to the inter­net, Active Duty, etc. And while most per­formers on these ama­teur sites aren’t in a pos­i­tion to quit their day jobs, the stars — the Lucases, Aaron Jameses, Coles, Kadens — do very well for themselves.

    And you seem to be unaware of the well-known fact that gay porn is sig­ni­fic­antly more remu­ner­at­ive for men than straight porn. There’s no money for men in straight porn — unless you’re a freak like Ron Jeremy.

    As far as straight porn goes the Girl on Girl scene is not always the cli­max. I know lots of women who are both bisexual and straight who hap­pen to love straight porn and buy it.”

    The vast major­ity of straight porn is made for, and mar­keted too, straight men. Women make up a mea­ger por­tion of the mar­ket, at best. Straight women are if any­thing more apt to watch gay porn: the men are bet­ter look­ing. The men in straight porn usu­ally aren’t look­ers, lest they deprive guys watch­ing of the fantasy that they, too could be screw­ing that hot babe. And I have yet to see a straight porn movie (and I’ve seen many) that does not include a les­bian sequence

    Most repeat “gay for pay” per­formers are at least bisexual.”

    Whatever you say, pal … Woody’s still get­ting lots of pussy.

    The fact that you need them to be bisexual doesn’t mean they are.

    Talking to you is like talk­ing to a wall, isn’t it?

    Why can’t you appre­ci­ate that people can, and very often do, things they find dis­taste­ful to them simply for eco­nomic gain? A month of flip­ping bur­gers verses suck­ing dick for fif­teen minutes? ‘You know what you gotta do now, cow­boy!’ as Joe Buck said.

  8. I’m almost embar­rassed as a gay man that so many gay men are so incred­ibly, pain­fully mor­onic to buy the gay-for-pay crap. No straight man will­fully sucks cock, no straight man gets fucked or fucks a guy. Those women on Tyra Banks’ show looked shocked not because they were homo­phobic, they were shocked to see so much bullcrap piled together. The first guy (the one ‘mar­ried with 3 kids’ who was on the Tyra Banks show)is the fag­gi­est thing I’ve ever seen, he stumbled try­ing to come up with an answer to how he got aroused and said some bull about his fans that no one bought. If you’re bi that’s fine, own to it.

    Sexual ori­ent­a­tions are not labels, they’re part of what we are, it’s just that some of us have the balls to own to it and oth­ers don’t.

    Straight men don’t have repeated or one time sex on cam­era with other men for a few hun­dred dol­lars a scene.

    Anyone who believes for one minute that these men are “straight”, is a straight up MORON. These men and the stu­dios that pro­mote them are selling a fantasy to self loath­ing gay men, who are obsessed with “masculinity”.

    In all of these gay for pay wars, bisexu­al­ity is never dis­cussed as a logical explan­a­tion for the beha­vior of these men. They can self identify as whatever they want, but that doesn’t trump logic and reason with most sane people. Taking it up the ass and suck­ing cock in dozens of videos is not an upwardly mobile career, espe­cially if you’re still work­ing at SUBWAY. Get fuck­ing real.

    I’d love to see the altern­at­ive dis­cus­sion about the huge num­ber of “straight for pay” (openly) gay men doing straight porn. Oops! That actu­ally doesn’t exist.

    The prob­lem is that some of these “gay4pay” guys can’t accur­ately define bisexu­al­ity. If you ask them, they define it as someone equally attrac­ted to men as to women.

    However, that only describes a minor por­tion of bisexual people. Some bi men are romantic­ally involved with women, but will have sexual rela­tions with a man on occas­sion. This man may be 96% geared toward women, but that 4% still enjoys sex with men.

    The real reason why these guys won’t identify as bi or gay is: 1) embar­rass­ment of their life choices that led to porn; 2) mis­con­cep­tions of what being bi or gay is; 3) they know that if you identify as straight, you will get paid more on a film (or as an escort); 4) they are scared to death; 5) they can jus­tify their actions and deny who they are; 6) they don’t want to suf­fer any har­rass­ment for being bi or gay.

    We have all seen the sup­posed “gay for pay” porn stars who now identify as bi or gay: Barrett Long, Mason Wyler, Peter North, Corbin Fischer’s Dawson, Caeser and the list goes on.

    I’m sure there are plenty of former gay porn stars that once iden­ti­fied as straight that are mar­ried to women, but still have sex with men or at least think about it.

    Many of them have sexual/emotional issues them­selves. How many gay porn stars have been arres­ted for murder, rape and rob­bery recently?

  9. Sisu-It’s your life, but you might as well try doing a MMF/MFM 3 way and see­ing if you like it if you love to watch it so much in porn and read about it in erotic fiction.

    Paul-I never said those men are all com­pletely gay or homosexual.

    Try actu­ally read­ing my posts before you put words into my mouth.

    Granted yes many of them are gay men but the rest are at least bisexual. They are cer­tainly not straight or heterosexual.

    Most repeat “gay for pay” per­formers are at least bisexual.

    The reason I sus­pect “gay for pay” per­formers are bisexual/gay is that it just doesn’t make sense that gay porn would occur — much less appeal! — to hetero/straight men as a career choice or even some­thing to do for money.

    Gay porn work doesn’t pay much. It car­ries the cer­tainty of life­time stigma. Also, it can be psy­cho­lo­gic­ally dam­aging. Why would a straight guy think to endure all these hard­ships just for the oppor­tun­ity to make a measly few grand? It
    doesn’t add up, no, it just doesn’t.

    It’s easier to ima­gine a gay or bisexual guy accept­ing this trade. He’s prob­ably seen his fair share of gay porn. He prob­ably enjoys watch­ing it. He prob­ably has a degree of curi­os­ity about the industry. And he’d prob­ably be quite flattered and excited to have thou­sands of other men view­ing him as a sex object.

    As far as straight porn goes the Girl on Girl scene is not always the cli­max. I know lots of women who are both bisexual and straight who hap­pen to love straight porn and buy it.

    Furthermore if you actu­ally do want to see real heterosexual/straight men hav­ing sex watch a straight porn. In “gay” for pay porn the men are obvi­ously not het­ero­sexual or straight even though they are mar­keted as being heterosexual.

    They almost always ALL fol­low the same tired pat­tern too: The new guy mar­keted as “straight” does solo jack off scene, the guy then gets sucked off by another guy, then in the next install­ment he sucks the guy off or they 69, then in the next seg­ment he fucks a guy, and then in the next seg­ment he gets fucked.

    Nope, I’m not attrac­ted to the twinks like Dawson from Corbin Fischer or the guys on Sean Cody. Those guys look way too young and look like hair­less kit­tens and your typ­ical gay porn clones.

    Of course the mod­els on those sites are going to tell you that they are “straight” when you ask! You are a pay­ing cus­tomer and they are telling you exactly what you want to hear and what they are mar­keted as even though they are any­thing but straight/heterosexual.

    Personally, I think most of those “gay-for-pay” guys are as straight as Larry Craig and have ser­i­ous troubles com­ing to terms with their sexu­al­ity. They are prob­ably gay, or most likely bi, and in com­plete denial about it. They use money as a legit­im­ate excuse to make them­selves feel less guilty or “gay”. And many of these porn stars prob­ably come from small and con­ser­vat­ive towns where they have warped views on both hetero and homo­sexu­al­ity. And it prob­ably doesn’t help that many of these porn directors/producers con­stantly repeat to these boys how straight they are in order for them to per­form. “Oh don’t worry, hon. That dick in your mouth or in someone else’s mouth don’t make you gay!” *wink wink*

    The reason why there are sites that mar­ket straight guys hav­ing gay sex is because there are gay men who pay for it.”

    It really is that simple. If gay and bisexual men had no desire to watch this crap, it wouldn’t be here. Self-loathing plays a part it. I think that in a pre­dom­in­ately straight soci­ety, it does bring out the mes­sage that straight is still bet­ter than being gay or bisexual, and that the “ideal” or “real” man is hetero.

    That’s not true, but that’s the mes­sage that reaches not only to other straight men, but to gay and bisexual men as well. So it’s not entirely gay and bisexual men’s fault for this. If we lived in a dif­fer­ent world where gays and bisexu­als were treated the same as straights, we prob­ably wouldn’t have this straight wor­ship crap.

    As a man you can­not con­tinu­ously have sex with another man and be straight. You are at the very least bisexual. Even Dean Coxx’s so called girl­friend got that one. Gay and bisexual men have this obses­sion with straight men. It’s the old “you want what you can’t have.” Trust me that if you have the man, he aint straight. And you didn’t turn him. He already had it embed­ded in his mind.

    I think there is a lot of denial on the part of any man who reg­u­larly has sex with men and claims to be 100% straight. If being a dad were a hetero seal of approval, there would be a great deal less queers roam­ing the earth.

  10. If you need to believe that these guys are straight in order to fan­tas­ize and get off that’s your own per­sonal choice but you are just buy­ing into the con­sumer­ism of it all and sup­port­ing biphobic and out­dated atti­tudes about porn and male sexuality.”

    No, I don’t need to think they’re straight. In fact, I find the idea of a guy per­form­ing a sex act he really isn’t into is kind of a turn off. You need to think they’re gay BECAUSE THEYRE SO DAMNED HOT!

    Seriously, why would a guy want to get paid $5,000 for doing a gay scene when he could be get­ting paid $200 (if that) for being the stunt-cock in a straight scene?

  11. I like read­ing (but not watch­ing) porn where 2 guys double-fuck a woman. It is always guar­an­teed to get me off. But there is no way I would ever touch a ‘giny.”

    Sisu you should try it some­time. It’s not as bad as you might ima­gine. Muff-diving can be oodles of fun :)

  12. If someone does Hetero porn no mat­ter if they are male or female, why should all of the money go to the woman?”

    Well, for the obvi­ous reason that the vast major­ity of people who pur­chase het­ero­sexual porn are men. They want to see attract­ive women have sex and could give a rat’s ass about who’s doing the fuck­ing. The ‘cli­max’ of just about every ‘straight’ porno is a girl on girl scene.

    I also know people who have done porn too, and the whole “gay” for pay thing is just a con­sumer­ist mar­ket­ing ploy and it looks like you have fallen for it.”

    Boy, you like to toss around big words, don’t you. ‘Consumerist mar­ket­ing ploy’: sounds like a lot of cant to me.

    I would so like to believe that ‘Aaron James’, ‘Cole’, ‘Chaz’ or ‘Kasey’ is gay, but they’re not: some people are cap­able of tun­ing out what they’re doing, espe­cially if the price is right. As one of the more pop­u­lar ones said to me (who also happened to have a bun in the oven) ‘it’s just my job … ’

    Consider this: you’re a twenty year old high school drop out. You’ve knocked-up your girl-friend. Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher is offer­ing you 5 grand if you suck dick, 10 if you take it up the butt. Suddenly you’re look­ing at an extra mouth to feed and the night shift at Subway ain’t gonna cut it. You really don’t have much of a choice. And nobody’s gonna blame you: there are exten­u­at­ing circumstances.

    Then again gay men will buy any­thing these days.”

    You seem to be one of those fel­lows who sub­scribe to the ‘suck one dick’ school of ‘gay-identity’, the fact that that these guys are mak­ing what they’d nor­mally make in a couple of months in an hour not­with­stand­ing. Economics are … imma­ter­ial: they MUST BE GAY! They’ve always wanted to suck cock and have just been look­ing for an excuse! Wrap them up in a rain­bow flag and stick them on a pride float next to … DUSTIN LANCE BLACK — who would rather fancy that arrange­ment as he seems to have a thing for straight guys him­self (as well as a latex allergy).

    Ever watch some of these guys per­form? It’s pretty obvi­ous that most of them are not into hav­ing sex with guys. Take a Corbin Fisher’s Dawson, who may be the paradig­matic gay4pay model: he’s a mag­ni­fi­cent piece of eye-candy. He’s a sharp kid. He knows which side his bread is buttered on, has appar­ently done extremely well for him­self, and does his damned­est to put on a good show: Dawson’s a pro. But you can tell he’s some­place else. The poor guy must have blisters on his dick try­ing to keep it up.

  13. I like read­ing (but not watch­ing) porn where 2 guys double-fuck a woman. It is always guar­an­teed to get me off. But there is no way I would ever touch a ‘giny.

    By your reas­on­ing though, dear Mr X, I am at least bisexual if not straight-and-in-denial.

    My par­ents will be so happy.

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