Back of the Net! Stefan Peg-Me Postma

This example of revenge sporno from last year seems to have slipped through my fingers.…

Top’ Dutch foot­baller and former Aston Villa goalie Stefan Postma was a tad embar­rassed last year to find a home-made video of him­self enthu­si­ast­ic­ally bot­tom­ing — that’s to say, tak­ing it up the Arsenal — plastered all over the ‘net’.

The chap doing the ‘scor­ing’? Well, it was actu­ally an (embittered) ex lady friend with a strapadick­tome.

I sus­pect that a lot of Postma’s, er, dis­com­fort was down to the fact that he had allegedly spent a great deal of money out­bid­ding a British tabloid for a copy of the tape. Maybe sports­men would be bet­ter advised to sell their embar­rass­ing home-made porn themselves.

It’s going to get out there any­way. And at least if they put it out there them­selves they’ll make money out of it rather than spunk it away fruit­lessly try­ing to keep it under wraps. Most import­antly, they’ll be able to make sure its edited in a flat­ter­ing fash­ion. Clinching the mat­ter, this kind of star­ring role does make you rather more fam­ous: I for one had never heard of Stefan Postma before. Now I’m one of his greatest admirers.

Though prob­ably if sports­men want to max­im­ise sales they should pre­tend the clips were released without their consent.

Much was made in the British media of the ‘bizarre’ nature of the ‘kinky sex’ depic­ted. But why is it so strange that a straight man should want to get shagged up the arse? After all, as I like to say, espe­cially to straight men I fancy, if God hadn’t wanted men to get bummed he wouldn’t have given them pro­state glands. A very con­vin­cing and attract­ive trans­sexual pal who went through a great deal of pain, trouble and expense to have the ‘op’ tells me that the first thing that straight men ask her once she’s told them she used to be a geezer is: “Will you shag me up the arse with a dildo??” If she agrees, the next ques­tion is invari­ably: “What’s the biggest one you’ve got??”

Probably the most shock­ing thing for foot­ball fans though is how clearly and aud­ibly Stefan is enjoy­ing being ploughed, and watch­ing him­self being ploughed in the mir­ror — and, no doubt, after­wards in the video, repeatedly. Some of them will be think­ing: ‘He seems to be enjoy­ing tak­ing that a lot more than I do giv­ing it.’ Traditional heterosexuality’s rigid, or some­times semi-erect, sexual divi­sion of labour depends on men not think­ing too much about whether they’re get­ting a bum deal.

Or women. Interesting that no one seems to have con­sidered that the lady friend in the video might be enjoy­ing it too. She cer­tainly sounds like it. For all we know, it might have been her idea. There are a lot of naughty ladies out there who don’t just lie back and think of Sunderland. And not all of them are transsexual.

Now, after all those words, here’s what you really wanted: a clip of that strap-on video (NSFW).


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