Thanks to Metrosexuality Today’s White Straight Boys CAN Dance

Tip: DA Krolak

5 thoughts on “Thanks to Metrosexuality Today’s White Straight Boys CAN Dance

  1. Given all the high -intensity booty movement, I’m not sure if the fellas were intent to get it it or go after it. I’d guess the former. I’m not even sure I’ve seen a gay bottom or horney lady get that frantic, hand motions aside.
    If they don’t get stiffed soon, they’re liable to throw their backs out.

    As for the guns, I’d be suprised that they know which end goes where, wherever that may be.
    Those g-string underwear were clearly not for getting any woman’s attention. They did mine though! Yes, pass the tissues.

  2. I’ll let you Brits in on a secret. In their native habitat, these suburban gun-toting guidos (from “Lawn Gyland” or “Noo Joisy”) are tiresome attitudinal peacocks with the brain power of a flea. But you Brits have always gotten all sweaty and aroused in the loins for anything swarthy and Mediterranean. Were all those old Victorian Thomas Cook expeditions to Italy really all about culture? We know better.

  3. I’d like to comment on the political, social and heterosexualist assumptions behind this video clip, but first I have to have a wank.

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