Jedward: The Most Talented Act To Ever Appear on X Factor

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  1. Fiendish: I think you’re onto something about that space the Doyle twins inhabit. It’s not only ‘feminine’ though, it’s also ‘gay’ – in the sense that they’re a narcissistic male couple, who are clearly ‘closer’ than most couples. I would say they were camper than they were pretty, though admittedly it’s difficult to draw a line, and maybe I just don’t want to admit that I’m attracted to 18 year-old flibberty-jibbets.

    Interesting that they don’t make much if any effort to normalise themselves and their twinsome-ness, a la Ant and Dec, who are (non identical) ‘gay twins’ who make much of their Geordie beer-drinking, skirt-chasing lad-ness.

    Another reason why the David Quanticks of the world want to maim and kill them.

  2. Ah, the curious case of Jedward.

    What most people seem to be able to agree on is this: they have no discernible talent, but they are beautiful. So really they occupy the most feminized space in public discourse. Could this partially explain the absurdly harsh reactions (the usually male “haters” describing in glorious detail the ways in which John and Edward should be tortured and killed)? Do they excite discomfort by breaching gender boundaries and so cause both envy and repressed attraction?

    Whatever, they’re beyond pretty. They’re like mega pretty.

  3. Jedward are certainly pretty, and more handsome then ‘hot’. If you look at there modelling photoshoots, they actually have good bone structure, fair skin, and generally are good looking boys. They would be great at high fashion. Oh, and don’t judge this by looking at the britney video as it does not showcase them enough. Take a look at this:

  4. Ah well, we’re all agreed then. I was like your friend until this week — and now I regret my willpower. I just watched The X Factor tonight for the first time this season. God but what a dull bunch all the other contestants are. I was slightly disappointed though that Jedward tonight gave an almost professional performance. They must be cracking.

  5. Mark: Yes, that was all my way of saying that they are very good pop indeed. My Irish friend might be a bit of an old spoilsport, but I will say this for him: he truly isn’t curious.

  6. In a I-can’t-look-away-it’s-traumatic sort of pretty. Like a car wreck. You don’t want to look as you drive past, but you just can’t help yourself.

  7. Oh please, enough pseudo analysis already: this is all about the fact that middle-aged men are suckers for a pretty young face (male or female).

  8. Scott: This year I decided to ignore The X Factor, and as a result all but missed the twinsome devils. That’ll teach me to think I’m better than TV talent shows.

    The shocking thing about these two eejit savants is that they really do have an ‘X’ factor — in a show which like the best products and the best advertising is named after the one thing it isn’t about. Sometimes a contestant is permitted who does have something about them, but only to see how bland they’re willing to become for ‘success’.

    Maybe because of their narcissistic self-sufficiency, living as they do far, far away from us on Planet Jedward, or maybe because they’re from South Dublin, the twins don’t really seem to pay too much attention to the boos or the kind ‘advice’. The fact they can’t sing or dance and seem to have no intention of ever learning to do these things properly is practically punk on a ‘talent show’.

    Everything you say about the fascination and repulsiveness and the five alarm Freudianism is true, of course, but the best pop is usually very ill indeed. And in this clip these two clearly have the XXX factor.

  9. The fascination, and repulsiveness, of John and Edward. This video is their apogee: the narcissistic/uncanny aspects of twinning aligned with the (here very camp) horror of incest. Of course it couldn’t last, since they’re increasingly being promoted as a kids act. And not doing as well.

    An Irish friend – who “refuses in principle to look at them” – sent me this, which puts Jedward in a less Freudian and more historical light. Its a South Dublin thing, apparently:

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