Paris Attacked By Army of Aberzombies — Surrenders Instantly

101 shirt­less, hair­less pairs of per­fect pecs stop the traffic on Champs Elysees. All part of a shame­less, highly suc­cess­ful ploy by Abercrombie & Fitch to draw atten­tion to their new flag­ship store open­ing in Paris.

Back in Bushy, anti-American 2007, when A&F opened their London store I wrote about the ‘Frattish American Wet Dream Conquering the World’:

Dowdy Anti-Americanism isn’t, in the final reel, some­thing that the world’s huddled masses actu­ally want to wear. London will no doubt be a great, chest shav­ing, suc­cess for new Yankee imper­i­al­ists A&F.’

But one that will be dwarfed, I’m sure, by the shriek­ing, faint­ing, hair-pulling suc­cess of any store they open in that sup­posed cap­ital of America-hating – Paris.


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