Sticking it To The “Man Up”


  • This is crap, Mark, play­ing to a very spe­cific middle class Midwestern (just Googled him — he’s from Minneapolis — no real prob­lems there) self-righteous wannabe-hippy-but-too-young, mostly-white audi­ence. He has no real tal­ent with words, but his audi­ence, and I know those people, have met them, is will­ing to over­look that for his ‘fiery pas­sion’ for his ‘urgent mes­sage’ and such tripe. Seen it all a hun­dred times before, what with liv­ing in the Midwest. There is a REASON I do not fre­quent poetry nights. Tiresome in the extreme.

  • marycigarettes wrote:

    for­give my dumb comment,but he’s GORGEOUS.

  • Just excel­lent, thanks.

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