Dan can see us


Dan Osborne, the won­der­fully, shame­lessly tarty star of The Only Way is Essex and now beau­ti­fully brazen under­wear model for Bang Lads, pho­to­graphed deli­ciously by Darren Black.

Dan shows us the girth of his Xmas cracker. Or what we’ll be doing after it goes ‘bang’.
Dan, who is clearly a very shy lad, shows us his obliques, his biceps, his tatts and his elbows.

 Write-up by the DM on the shoot here.

2 thoughts on “Metroessexual”

  1. BangLads, which surely has a large gay cli­en­tele, seems a bit coy about his appeal to some gay men. They trum­pet on their web­site: ‘he’s not only a pin up for women but a poster boy for the men that like to keep in shape, with lots cit­ing him as their very own ‘gymspiration’. ’

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