What Exactly Was Heterosexuality?

This clas­sic Gay Liberation poster from 1975 by Alan Wakeman mock­ing mid-century het­ero­sex­ist plat­it­udes remains very funny indeed. It’s also still per­haps the best response to those — straight and gay — still seek­ing to find the ’cause’ of homosexuality.

Though obvi­ously the ‘Cultural Deprivation’ bal­loon at the bot­tom is no longer true:

Heterosexual men… think them­selves “ugly”, beauty being ascribed only to women. Many psychic dis­orders stem from this self-rejection.’

Three dec­ades on, male het­ero­sexu­al­ity has been pretty much phased out and replaced by met­ro­sexu­al­ity — spec­tac­u­larly abol­ish­ing the sexual divi­sion of look­ing and love­li­ness. Men nowadays clearly think them­selves irres­ist­ible, thank you very much.

In fact, if it was drawn today this chart would be titled: ‘What Exactly Was Heterosexuality?’

The revolu­tion­ary, uni­ver­sal prom­ise of Gay Liberation has been real­ised — at least in the bath­room and bed­room. By non-gay men as much if not more than gay ones.

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