Greased Up Swedish Marines

Sometimes I worry that I’m too dif­fi­cult to please these days.

At first glance I thought this latest example of ‘sol­diers act­ing gay on video’, in this instance Swedish Marines in Afghanistan, was, des­pite the lash­ings of good humour on dis­play, not to men­tion the mil­it­ary pre­ci­sion that has been put into the cho­reo­graphy, a little dis­sat­is­fy­ing. And it wasn’t just the beards. Too many levels of irony here, I huffed. Butch mech­anic Marines pre­tend­ing to be chorus boys in Grease pre­tend­ing to be butch mech­an­ics. Please. You should have stuck to Abba, darlings.

And then I watched it again, so as to identify exactly why it didn’t hit the spot — for the bene­fit of mil­it­ary chaps mak­ing these import­ant videos in future. And this time I noticed a couple of Hitchcockian ‘mas­ter strokes’ that entirely trans­formed my opin­ion of it:

1) The ‘rear­guard’ action at 0.48 with one Marine bent over, com­bat trousers pulled down, while a tall bearded com­rade stand­ing behind him gives him an oil change.

2) The touch­ing tableau at 1.01, stage left, over the rear of the impossibly butch recon­nais­sance vehicle, where a Marine on his back has his legs held in the air by a chum driv­ing home his greased lightning.

So clearly I’m not very dif­fi­cult to please after all.

Trying to jus­tify myself I might say that it’s a won­der­ful decon­struc­tion of Grease, Marines, mas­culin­ity and camp mil­it­ary videos. Or maybe just quote the old joke US sail­ors like to tell against Marines:

Q: What’s the dif­fer­ence between a butch Marine and a nelly Marine?


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4 thoughts on “Greased Up Swedish Marines”

  1. This is why you should be my wing­man — we’ll never fight over trade. I thought the John Travolta stand-in the best of the bunch.

  2. he’s not durty enough…and worse still,he’s the group leader,thereby ren­der­ing all the other poten­tially attract­ive specimens,mere mum­mies boys…give me wind­sor dav­ies in a wifebeater.

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