Spornosexual Pride

“It’s not the guy with most muscle that wins but the guy who is most aes­thet­ic­ally pleas­ing from head to toe.”

Then bin those awful cheesy American burka board­shorts and get these spornos into some Speedos.


5 thoughts on “Spornosexual Pride”

  1. Paul: You, or rather Dean and Dusty, make a very per­suas­ive case for board­shorts. Or at least the best one that can be made. I only wish that Sean Cody was spon­sor­ing these ‘Physique’ shows — but prob­ably that will hap­pen soon enough.…

  2. Lose the board-shorts and you lose the gestalt of the chill dude-bro. Even if they live in Kansas and have never caught a wave, these boys strive to look like they just stepped out of a ’62 Ford woodie and on to Dana Point beach (NOT Muscle).

    I’ve always thought that the erotic value of a gar­ment is a func­tion of the type of per­son who wears it. Given that, the hibis­cus pat­terned board-short is pretty much true north for me. And some­times they’re worn low enough so that the top of the bush and crack peeks out above the waist­line! Hang loose, bro!

    Board-shorts are one of the few pea­cock flour­ishes per­mit­ted in the oth­er­wise hum­drum ward­robe American boys and young men. Granted most of them look like they could have been made from one of their grandmother’s 60s Lily Pulitzer sun-dresses.

    If you’re dying for Speedos, they are still very much on dis­play in WeHo, The Pines, etc. Also the notori­ous ‘Speedo Ridge’ in the Castro’s Delores Park. Which is prob­ably why the dude-bros defer.

  3. Did he say “good skin” — they look shel­lacked and are a bizarre col­our! Errrgh!

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