The Trials & Tribulations of a Young Spornosexual

4 thoughts on “The Trials & Tribulations of a Young Spornosexual”

  1. All those valsalva man­euvers he’s doing to pump up his guns make him look like needs a cathartic.

  2. In the final arena, there will be no judges, only wit­nesses to my great­ness.” –Sam Russell, Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder
    A cer­tain British Journalist quoted that sage book when some of us were wee young’uns (or even half-formed embryos in our mums’ ovaries).

  3. I can’t quite restrain my cyn­icism from won­der­ing if the inno­cence of this clip was entirely un-staged — Mr Flex has his own web­site, where you can order ‘cus­tom videos’.…

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