Magic Mike XXL: What It Tells Us About Modern Manhood

“The Magic Mike movies are, truth be told, a bit of a nostalgia trip. ‘Male stripping’ is actually rather retro. It emerged as a phenomenon in the now impossibly innocent-looking 90s when the Chippendales and their orange muscles framed by bow ties, white cuffs and permed hair drove women wild – and Channing Tatum himself was working as a stripper in Florida, before he became a Hollywood sex object.”

Yours musing on today’s stripped-down stuffed-crotch masculinity in The Telegraph.

2 thoughts on “Magic Mike XXL: What It Tells Us About Modern Manhood

  1. I haven’t seen the sequel yet but the first MM was undoubtedly the most boring movie with semi-naked men in it I’ve ever watched. Perhaps the tedium is what reccomended it to the NYT.

  2. What I find interesting Mark is that the New York Times raved about this movie and gave it a ‘Critic’s Pick’! I haven’t seen it yet and doubt that I will until it’s on the Movie Channel, but gee whiz a rave endorsement from the American Newspaper of Record!

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