From Metrosexual to Spornosexual — Two Decades of Male Deliciousness

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In a devel­op­ment which will prob­ably have him run­ning to the mir­ror yet again to search anxiously for lines, this year the met­ro­sexual leaves his teens and turns 20. How quickly your chil­dren grow up. Although it seems only yes­ter­day, I first wrote about him in 1994 after attend­ing an exhib­i­tion organ­ised by GQ magazine called “It’s a Man’s World”. I’d seen the future of mas­culin­ity and it was mois­tur­ised.’ Read my piece on the evol­u­tion of male van­ity at The Daily Telegraph (And don’t worry, des­pite the alarm­ing head­line The Telegraph gave the piece,…read more

Bare Thrills’ Strips Masculinity Down To Its Skidmarks

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Maybe I suf­fer from what Freud described as man’s tend­ency to devalue what he desires, but I find any­thing touched by TV sur­viv­al­ist Bear Grylls’ calloused-but-manicured hands dif­fi­cult to take too ser­i­ously. But taken ser­i­ously he most cer­tainly has been by the UK media with his cur­rently air­ing C4 real­ity show The Island, in which thir­teen ‘ordin­ary men’ are marooned on a trop­ical island for a month to find out whether today’s softies can cut it as ‘hunter gatherer’ butch Bear Grylls types. Nothing very much hap­pens – the Gryllsettes grow beards,…read more

Ideas Above their Service Station

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Motorway ser­vice sta­tions are toi­lets. And I don’t just mean the repu­ta­tion they have for being dirty and unap­peal­ing places to linger, let alone eat. I mean lit­er­ally. A recent sur­vey of 2000 motor­ists found that 65% only stop at ser­vice sta­tions to use the toi­let facil­it­ies. It wasn’t always that way. When the first UK ser­vice sta­tion opened in 1959 at Watford Gap on the M1 people would actu­ally make spe­cial trips just to visit them. Service sta­tions were space-age places to view the future whizz­ing past while enjoy­ing…read more

Dude, Where’s My Objectification?

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These ‘jokey’ Veet ‘Don’t risk dude­ness’ ads in which a ‘sexy lady’ turns into an ‘unsexy dude’ because she hasn’t used the smelly depil­at­ory cream have pro­voked an e-flurry of out­rage for their sex­ism and sham­ing of women who aren’t always smooth, so much so that Veet had to issue an apo­logy and with­draw them. But what’s truly ‘funny’ about these ads is that in some ways they strike me as actu­ally being the advert­ising world’s ver­sion of those ‘gender flip’ click-bait posts that many of the people lam­bast­ing the Veet ads pro­fess…read more

Tongues at the Ready — Tom’s Tarty Men Appearing on Finnish Stamps

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  Tom of Finland’s draw­ings are to appear on Finnish stamps this September. What bet­ter way to mark the global tri­umph of his kinky redesign of the male body? After all, Tom’s men were made to be licked from behind.

Meat the Spornosexual

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The second gen­er­a­tion of met­ro­sexu­als are cum­ming. And this time it’s hard­core by Mark Simpson What is it about male hip­sters and their strange, pal­lid, highly ambi­val­ent fas­cin­a­tion with bod­ies beefier and sex­ier than their own? Which means, of course, pretty much every­one? You may remem­ber last year that last year the Guardian colum­nist and TV presenter Charlton Brooker had a very messy bowel-evacuating panic attack over the self-sexualisation of the male body exhib­ited in real­ity show Geordie Shore. Now the hip­ster bible Vice have run a long, pas­sion­ate –…read more

A Male Fan Dance. With Towels.

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1983: The Last Great Year of Pop

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From the gender-bending antics of Eurythmics and Culture Club to the propuls­ive syn­thpop of Depeche Mode, New Order, and the Human League, was there ever, asks Mark Simpson, a more spec­tac­u­lar time for music? (Originally appeared on, 18 Feb, 2014) IN 1983, THE YEAR that McDonald’s intro­duced the Chicken McNugget and the second Cold War was at its height, the world very nearly ended when large NATO exer­cises were mis­taken by an extremely jit­tery USSR for pre­par­a­tions for a new Barbarossa. More omin­ously, com­pact discs went on sale in the United States…read more

You’re as camp as a Brighton bus queue!” — The Bön Mots of Benidorm

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I’ve snob­bishly held out against the sun-damaged charms of ITV’s pack­age hol­i­day sit­com Benidorm, set in the ‘all inclus­ive’ Hotel Solana, for sev­eral series. But the sixth one — which sadly this week pours the sand out of its shoes and packs its bags for another year — had me sur­ren­der­ing to it more legs akimbo than the Solanas’ Mrs Slocombe-esque man­ageress Joyce Temple-Savage for Matthew Kelly. Created and writ­ten by Derren Litten (co-writer for The Catherine Tate Show), Benidorm is Carry On meets St Trinians meets Are You Being…read more

Paul Newman & James Dean on 1950s Broke Straight Guys

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Swedish Meatballs

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I Spy an M-Way Onanist

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Mark Simpson on the motor­way drivers we all love to hate  Statistically the safest roads to drive on, there’s nev­er­the­less some­thing about motor­ways that seems to bring out the very worst in drivers. Other drivers, that is. Never you or me, of course. Some would argue it’s because there’s no motor­way driv­ing required in the UK driv­ing test. But I think it’s because M-ways aren’t really any­where. They’re a limbo-land of anonym­ous bore­dom where people’s darkest per­son­al­ity defects come out to play – mag­ni­fied fright­en­ingly by the horsepower they’re barely…read more

Greased Up Swedish Marines

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It’s a wonderful beard! It’s SO THICK!!”

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What Exactly Was Heterosexuality?

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  This clas­sic Gay Liberation poster from 1975 by Alan Wakeman mock­ing mid-century het­ero­sex­ist plat­it­udes remains very funny indeed. It’s also still per­haps the best response to those — straight and gay — still seek­ing to find the ’cause’ of homo­sexu­al­ity. Though obvi­ously the ‘Cultural Deprivation’ bal­loon at the bot­tom is no longer true: ‘Heterosexual men… think them­selves “ugly”, beauty being ascribed only to women. Many psychic dis­orders stem from this self-rejection.’ Three dec­ades on, male het­ero­sexu­al­ity has been pretty much phased out and replaced by met­ro­sexu­al­ity — spec­tac­u­larly abol­ish­ing the sexual…read more

The Catlike Narcissism of Metrosexy Men — & Cats

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Which one would get your cream?  From Des Hommes et des Chatons Tip: DAKrolak

Metrosexuality & the Selfie

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Metrodaddy Mark Simpson was recently email inter­viewed by Beverly Parungao for a Sydney Morning Herald piece titled ‘Are Men Becoming Too Metrosexual?’ . Below are his unapo­lo­getic, uncir­cum­cised replies. BP: What is driv­ing the met­ro­sexual move­ment? MS: Self-love – and a cer­tain amount of self-loathing – is cer­tainly a power­ful dynamo. But ulti­mately what we’re see­ing here is noth­ing less than a revolu­tion in mas­culin­ity in par­tic­u­lar and gender rela­tion­ships in gen­eral. Metrosexuality isn’t about flip flops, facials or man­scara, or about men becom­ing ‘girly’ or ‘gay’ – it’s about men becom­ing everything. Everything that they want to be.…read more


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Dan Osborne, the won­der­fully, shame­lessly tarty star of The Only Way is Essex and now beau­ti­fully brazen under­wear model for Bang Lads, phở­to­graphed deli­ciously by Darren Black.  Write-up by the DM on the shoot here.

A1 Love — The Greatness of The Great North Road

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Mark Simpson goes on a road trip con­nect­ing four coun­tries: England, Scotland, the UK — and Yorkshire. What’s so ‘Great’ about ‘The Great North Road’? Better known in our more impa­tient era as the A1? Well, if you’re unfor­tu­nate enough to find your­self in the south, it takes you to the north – or ‘The NORTH’ as the sig­nage rightly has it. And unlike the more pop­u­lar M1, it goes all the way NORTH – instead of peter­ing out like a big Jessie near Leeds. And that’s the proper shin­ing, horny helmeted,…read more

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