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It’s a wonderful beard! It’s SO THICK!!”


Dan Osborne, the won­der­fully, shame­lessly tarty star of The Only Way is Essex and now beau­ti­fully brazen under­wear model for Bang Lads, phở­to­graphed deli­ciously by Darren Black.  Write-up by the DM on the shoot here.

Ten Iconic Car Ads

Ten unfor­get­table car ads from the past four dec­ades that tran­scen­ded both cars and advert­ising and came to sym­bol­ise an age by Mark Simpson Fiat Strada – ‘Hand Built by Robots’ (1979) A fact­ory full of robots assembles cars to the strain of Rossini’s Figaro – with nary a soul to be seen. Today this legendary ad […]

Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Birth To Godlike New Pants — & His Mini-Me

Motorsport Goes Sporno

Am I over-playing the under­wear?” No more than any­one else these days, dear.   Tip: André Murraças

The Well-Scrubbed Purity of the Past

IVORY SOAP…99.44% PURE’ Well all I can say is that 0.66% is cer­tainly work­ing very hard indeed. This 1919 ad shows soapy sol­diers bathing on the deck of a troop­ship and being sprayed by a kindly — and gen­er­ously endowed — sailor: ’25 under the hose at one time.’ The dropped-soap theme of this ad seems, […]

Invictus — Smells Like Team Sporno

  This bom­bastic ad for Paco Rabanne’s new fra­grance for men ‘Invictus’, released this Summer, stars Aussie rug­ger bug­ger Nick Youngquest, his muscles, his tatts, his beard, and most of all his obliques. (They’re the diag­onal lines above those track pants with the really worn waist elastic — point­ing to his, ahem, price­less pack­age.) The […]

Action Pants! Now with extra large snack sack!

I have abso­lutely noth­ing to say. For once.   Tip: Vintage WTF

The Manly Strap-On Maxi Pad

Guard your leaky man­hood! Keep dry and guy! (And get to play with Tony’s man cave.) Tip: DAKrolak

Why Men Love Shoes

Metrosexual goes main­stream as men out­spend women on foot­wear’ announced a head­line in the Daily Telegraph last week, deal­ing a death blow to yet another stand-up comedian gendered gen­er­al­isa­tion stand-by. I have to admit that even metrodaddy was some­what taken aback that men have over­hauled women in the shoe fet­ish­ism depart­ment, and so quickly. But this may […]