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End of Gays?’ — Kindle Single essay

Back in the 1980s, when the Conservative Government of Margaret Thatcher banned the ‘pro­mo­tion’ of homo­sexu­al­ity, gays were still semi-criminal – as well as immoral, ridicu­lous, dis­gust­ing, dis­eased and after your kids. The UK’s ban on homo­sexual pro­pa­ganda failed – spec­tac­u­larly. Gays have been pro­moted more rap­idly and gid­dily than almost any per­se­cuted, des­pised group in […]

Sex Terror’ Now Available on Kindle — Sweet Dreams.

SEX TERROR Erotic Misadventures in Pop Culture Mark Simpson This book will change the way you think about sex. It may even put you off it alto­gether. NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE     In his full-frontal follow-up to his widely acclaimed It’s a Queer World, Mark Simpson dis­penses with the mon­key busi­ness of sexu­al­ity and gets to […]

Gratuitous Simpson

If you’re a mem­ber of Amazon Prime in the US, UK, France or Germany and own a Kindle you can e-borrow Metrosexy, Saint Morrissey, Sex Terror and Male Impersonators for nowt. (Though Amazon prom­ises to bung me a couple of dol­lars for each lend.)

Today’s men are obsessed with their bodies — but is that so bad?

Yours truly in today’s Guardian.

Gifting ‘Metrosexy’, ‘St Moz’ or ‘Male Impersonators’ on Kindle

If you have their email address you can gift a friend — or an enemy — a copy of a Simpson Kindle book. (At the moment this ser­vice is only avail­able from Gift vouch­ers are cur­rently the only way to gift a Kindle book at  

Male Impersonators’ Gets Digitally Dressed Up: now available on Kindle

Tom Cruise is reportedly work­ing on a script for a sequel to Top Gun. In case he’s mis­laid his well-thumbed ori­ginal copy of Male Impersonators: Men Performing Masculinity, the book that outed the flam­ing queer­ness of the ori­ginal movie, he needn’t worry. Tom can now down­load it in an instant as a Kindle eBook, in […]

A Taste of Honey: Still Sweet Half a Century On

Hard to believe, but this year Tony Richardson’s wide-eyed 1961 ‘neo-realist’ mas­ter­piece A Taste of Honey, based on a play by Salford play­wright prodigy Shelagh Delaney is half a cen­tury old. Filmed on loc­a­tion in lyr­ical black and white when Manchester was still con­nec­ted to its chimney-stacked ‘dark Satanic’ past, it tells the story of Jo, […]

Out magazine’s tribute to Mark Simpson

Out magazine have run a trib­ute to my work for them over the years here. I’m very touched. And it’s richly deserved, of course. But I can’t help but won­der: did I die?

Idling into the Future

Almost hid­den in a forest of glossy beards, the brand spank­ing new issue of UK GQ Style (not avail­able, I think, online) car­ries a fea­ture by yours truly on the increas­ing pop­ular­ity of the micro-blogging site Tumblr — which today offi­cially over­hauled Wikipedia in terms of page-views — and the idle rise of the ‘e-flaneur’. […]

Metrosexual Reflections on have run an edited ver­sion of the intro­duc­tion to metrosexy.