Love Reaction: (Steve Zeeland Made Me Do it)

Every now and then, you will need a friend for… Love Reaction A distinctly not-for-profit tribute to the late great Divine, dance genius Bobby O, synth-scallywags New Order, and my American writer pal and former alt-pop star Steve Zeeland, recorded late-night in his living-room in Bremerton, WA a couple of years back. (The ‘promo’ video in which a construction worker ‘dances’, on all fours, to the synth-beat, was also shot by Steve — out of his apartment window.) For all Steve’s production skill, there’s no disguising […]

Interview with Mark Simpson in Greek newspaper ‘Eleftherotypia’

This Sunday the magazine supplement of the Greek daily ‘Eleftherotypia’ is running a major interview with MetroDaddy by Spyros Chatzigiannis. In case your Greek isn’t up to scratch, or you happen by some chance not to be living in Greece at the moment (the Sunday edition isn’t available online) – Read the interview in English here . Whilst I’m blowing my foreign trumpet, I hear that the December issue of Russian GQ is running a short piece about me in a list of ’27 Things […]

The Queen is Dead – but can be resurrected via PayPal

If, for some reason, you find yourself missing The Queen is Dead, the out-of-print doom-laden and bleakly humorous fin-de-siecle transatlantic epistolary romance with a martial theme between myself and ‘military chaser’ Steve Zeeland, or fancy the idea of being the owner of an extremely rare double-signed copy of an extremely rare book, or would like to find out why letter-writing died out – or would just like to help out Mr Zeeland – copies are available from Steve via PayPal and international money order.