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Royal Marines Directed by Visconti, Choreographed by Richard O’Brien — Sponsored by WKD

(Be sure to watch all the way to the ‘climax’.)

You people are insane!! These movies are TERRIBLE!!!”

What’s your favour­ite scene in Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Bill Murray and Martin Landau’s best movie? (I’ve writ­ten an appre­ci­ation of Ed Wood for the new online arts mag Culture Kicks.) Here’s mine.

Get Your Filthy Hands Off Me!’ Gorgeous George’s Glamorous Legacy

Rather than watch the Olympics, and all that noble, ser­i­ous sport­ing uplift, I’ve been read­ing a book about a carny, corny, shame­less 1940s-50s American wrest­ler: Gorgeous George: The Outrageous Bad-Boy Wrestler Who Created American Pop Culture, by John Capouya. My American chum Chris Supermarky recom­men­ded it to me, think­ing it would be of interest. He wasn’t […]

Why ‘Warrior’ Isn’t That Kind of Girl

Middlesbrough, Teeside, one of the last steel-making towns in the UK or in fact one of the last places in the UK where they still make any­thing, is prob­ably the right place to go and see, as I did last week, Warrior, the recently-released, much-hyped MMA Rocky remake set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Warrior is essentially […]

Too Big For Their Breeches

I’m try­ing my best to dis­tract myself from the des­per­ate dis­ap­point­ment of THAT single – you know, the one that defin­it­ively proved that there really is such a thing as ‘too gay’. Even for G*g*. So here’s a blast from the past – when pop music was still vital and vig­or­ous instead of gal­vanic and twitching. […]

Shameless Slashiness

I’m not much of a Robbie Williams fan. ‘Bromance’ leaves me cold. And I hated Brokeback Mountain. But per­haps I’m a big softy really because I rather like this video for Williams’ single ‘Shame’ which brings all these themes together, adds a hairy Gary Barlow, Robbie’s once-reviled Take That col­lab­or­ator, and takes its top off. […]

Army Dreamers: A Backwards Salute to Recruitment Films

by Mark Simpson, The Guardian As a boy grow­ing up in the 1960s and 70s I was raised to fight The Second World War all over again. Airfix mod­els. Commando com­ics. Air tat­toos in June. Watching The Battle of Britain and The Longest Day on telly with my dad, just so I’d know what to do […]

Danny’s top but Mikey is bottom

…acccord­ing to a head­line in today’s Sun news­pa­per. Glad to see they’re finally report­ing the news that people really want to hear. Far be it for me to con­tra­dict Britain’s best-selling tabloid, but I won­der whether Danny Young isn’t more ‘vers’. You can watch his top­less Rocky on the tra­gic­ally awful and appar­ently end­less ITV real­ity show […]

David Beckham’s Package: Don’t Handle The Goods, Madam

After all those ads in which Becks thrus­ted his giant Armani wrapped pack­age in our faces if not down our throats, an Italian satir­ical TV show decided to do a little con­sumer product test­ing.  You know that in Italy they like to handle the saus­age and toma­toes — and haggle over the price — before […]

Don’t Mess With the Bull Young Man, You’ll Get the Horns

Mark Simpson on John Hughes’ leg­acy (Arena Hommes Plus, Winter 2009) So here’s the pitch:  A Hollywood teen movie in which noth­ing hap­pens.  All day. In a school lib­rary. Introduced by a pre­ten­tious quote from David Bowie’s ‘Changes’. Or how about this: A boy bunks off High School to take his friends to mooch around […]