Sporno: where sport and porn meet and produce a spectacular money shot

Just in time for the World Cup the July issue of the re-launched OUT features an essay by yours truly on the post-metrosexual pornolization of sport – or what I dub ‘sporno’.  Here’s a (breathless) taster: ‘Sportsmen on this side of the Atlantic are increasingly openly acknowledging and flirting with their gay fans, a la David Beckham and Freddie Ljunberg (the man who actually looks the way Beckham thinks he looks). Both these thoroughbreds have posed for spreads in gay magazines and both have welcomed […]

Careerists, capitalists and creeps

Review of ‘Britain’s New Power Elites’, Hywel Williams (Constable, £12.99) by Mark Simpson Appeared in Independent on Sunday, 14 May 2006 ‘Among the most significant achievements of the modern British elite,” argues Hywel Williams, limbering up in the early pages of his polemic against Britain’s rulers in the form of an incompetent executive class, a meaningless political class and a degraded professional class, “is the promulgation of the essentially ideological idea that Britain is an anti-ideological place. Criticism of its fundamental features can therefore be dismissed […]

The metrosexual isn’t dead, he’s just power-napping on the sunbed

The Times recently ran a feature by Andrew Billen called ‘Metrosexual R.I.P.?’ wondering whether the metrosexual was now dead in the wake of the recent closure of Conde Nast men’s shopping magazine Cargo.  The piece below by yours truly ‘This trend’s not dead – just dead common’ ran alongside. I wasn’t shown Billen’s piece before penning mine.  Now that I have, there are a few things I’d like to point out: Metrosexuals are not female-friendly New Men with pectoral muscles. They could be new mannish; but they could equally be […]

The Trouble With Men

Why can’t gay men grow up? Why can’t they get themselves a nice cat instead of behaving like dirty dogs? Why can’t they listen to Radio Four more instead of trawling the net for sex? Why don’t they get a pipe and slippers instead of thongs and crystal meth? Why can’t they stop being so damn undomesticated and be more… lesbian? And why oh why can’t gays settle down with nice Simon Fanshawe, especially when he’s done so much for them? Surely they could have […]

The Return of the White Working Class

You may have seen the reports in the British press that large numbers of white working class voters are disillusioned with the mainstream parties and are considering voting for the (until now) lunatic fringe British National Party in this May’s Local Elections: ‘More people considering BNP protest vote‘ (The Times, April 17, 2006), and ‘White voters are deserting us for the BNP says Blair ally’ (Sunday Telegraph, April 16). New Labour big hitter Margaret Hodge has admitted that eight out of ten white voters canvassed […]

Metrodaddy v. Ubermummy

Originally appeared in 3AM Magazine (December, 2005) Mark Simpson, the man who has been blamed/credited for coining the word ‘metrosexual’, interviews himself about the ‘death’ of the metrosexual, and why ‘ÜberMummy’ hates his MetroKid’s post-feminist independence. What do you make of the reports in some quarters that your baby is ‘dead?’ Rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated. Mostly by the marketing woman and corporate machine who kidnapped him two years ago, who has I believe another book to sell. Someone should call social […]