The ‘new macho’ – just older, saggier, daggier metrosexuality

ABC News tells us that ‘Metrosexual is out – macho is in’ It offers little evidence of this assertion other than a product-placement style interview with the editor of a glossy men’s magazine who will clearly say anything to sell his mag, including stuff like ‘the new macho is the old macho’ (since when did the old macho buy glossy men’s lifestyle magazines?), and citing ‘killing spiders’ as the test of machismo.  But we’ll let that pass. After all, this is the Twenty First Century and no one has […]

Sporno: where sport and porn meet and produce a spectacular money shot

Just in time for the World Cup the July issue of the re-launched OUT features an essay by yours truly on the post-metrosexual pornolization of sport – or what I dub ‘sporno’.  Here’s a (breathless) taster: ‘Sportsmen on this side of the Atlantic are increasingly openly acknowledging and flirting with their gay fans, a la David Beckham and Freddie Ljunberg (the man who actually looks the way Beckham thinks he looks). Both these thoroughbreds have posed for spreads in gay magazines and both have welcomed […]

Superman and his Supersexuality

Is Superman gay? This ‘pressing’ question about what the Man of Steel does with his flying package (‘is it a bird? is it a plane?’) when it’s not held in by industrial strength spandex seems to be enormously exercising the media in the run up to Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. All this shocking speculation about Superman’s Supersexuality has been prompted by a not very shocking article in an American gay magazine about gay interest in superheroes.  It didn’t actually claim Superman was gay but was cannily given the front-page headline […]

Queer Eye For the Tory Guy

When, I wonder, am I going to receive my fee for my makeover of the Tory Party?  Metrodaddy, alias yours truly, appears to have been cast as the (reluctant) queer eye of the British Tory guy.  As yet another sign of the total mainstreaming of male aesthetics, that once reliably retrosexual party that seems to have gone raving metrosexual – or, rather, ‘mincing metrosexual’ in the inadvertently revealing words of its chairman this week.  First they elect a new, young, (relatively) stylish, rather moisturised, leader […]

The metrosexual isn’t dead, he’s just power-napping on the sunbed

The Times recently ran a feature by Andrew Billen called ‘Metrosexual R.I.P.?’ wondering whether the metrosexual was now dead in the wake of the recent closure of Conde Nast men’s shopping magazine Cargo.  The piece below by yours truly ‘This trend’s not dead – just dead common’ ran alongside. I wasn’t shown Billen’s piece before penning mine.  Now that I have, there are a few things I’d like to point out: Metrosexuals are not female-friendly New Men with pectoral muscles. They could be new mannish; but they could equally be […]

Mark Simpson’s Inside Story on the US Army’s Gay Porn Scandal

The current (May) issue of the proudly metrosexual Details magazine includes an ‘undercover’ exclusive by yours truly on the globally-reported gay porn scandal involving paratroopers from the elite 82nd Airborne, ‘America’s Honor Guard’. (Billed on the front cover as: ‘INSIDE THE SORDID PORN SCANDAL THAT’S ROCKING THE ARMY‘.) A couple of years ago my buddy and The Queen is Dead co-author Steve Zeeland tipped me off to the existence of, the then little-known military porn website now at the centre of the scandal. Ever […]

Metrosexual war breaks out in Holland

It seems that the metrosexual war has broken out in Holland. But it’s a phoney one. News item translated from Adformatie (Holland’s Campaign) 30 March, 2006: The metrosexual isn’t over The metrosexual is passé, so please make space for the uber-sexual! That’s the message behind the new Bavaria beer campaign, launched publicly today. Men with neat haircuts doing the shopping and the ironing are transformed during the advert into angry Neanderthals running through the woods until they experience their “Bavaria moment” in the pub. “Men have […]