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Paul Newman & James Dean on 1950s Broke Straight Guys

JD: “Kiss me” PN: “Not here!” Touching how shy and excited Paul Newman appears in this screen test for East of Eden - and how he tries to cover it up with boy­ish bravado. He also eas­ily out­shines Dean in looks — and totally eclipses him in stature. But per­haps not in cha­risma. The ever-cool Dean looks almost… […]

You people are insane!! These movies are TERRIBLE!!!”

What’s your favour­ite scene in Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Bill Murray and Martin Landau’s best movie? (I’ve writ­ten an appre­ci­ation of Ed Wood for the new online arts mag Culture Kicks.) Here’s mine.

In Defence of Jerry Lewis

Martin and Lewis were the hot­test male com­edy double-act of all time — who make today’s ‘bromance’ look like brom­ide. By Mark Simpson (Originally appeared in Out, May 2009 — but has fallen off their web­site) Forget hair whorls, gen­omes, amni­otic fluid, older broth­ers, dom­in­eer­ing moth­ers or disco. I can reveal with abso­lute, religio-scientific certainty […]