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The Legendary Test

Mark Simpson on the (fast dimin­ish­ing) dif­fer­ence between fame and legend (The Hospital Club magazine, Spring 2010) A recent bloody assas­sin­a­tion attempt on Gore Vidal, the last great American man of let­ters by the English journ­al­ist Christopher Hitchens in the glossy pages of Vanity Fair promp­ted me, and I sus­pect many oth­ers, to pon­der the […]

Gore Vidal Takes on The World — Again

God, I can’t help but love the old bas­tard.  Another tour-de-force from Gore Vidal (inter­viewed by Tim Teeman) appeared in The London Times last week, in which, as usual, he said so many things, so very loudly that so many people know to be true but daren’t begin to mumble. This frail, crippled, dia­betic, alcoholic, […]

The Obama Model

Mark Simpson on fashion’s new love-affair with black males (Arena Hommes Plus, Spring 2009) Shortly after Obama’s elec­tion last year, Israeli-American designer Elie Tahari made a pre­dic­tion: ‘I think the fash­ion industry will have a ball with him.’ So far, this is one fash­ion pre­dic­tion that has been on the money. Since Obama’s glitzy inauguration […]

Twinsome Devils and the Narcissus Complex

Mark Simpson paints a por­trait of a clono­sexual world of Dorians (Arena Hommes Plus, Winter 2008, and col­lec­ted in Metrosexy) Most ads these days aren’t worth a first glance. But earlier this year D&G Time launched a heavily-rotated global cam­paign dir­ec­ted by Hype Williams that was def­in­itely worth a second. If you looked hard enough, you […]

The Liberal Media’s Hillarycidal Urges

God, but they hate her. Really, really hate her. They hate her so much they want her dead. And it’s gone way past a bloody meta­phor. Not most Democrat voters, of course, who have given her at least as many votes as Obama, (and though many Obama fans hate her pas­sion­ately, reli­giously, a sur­pris­ing number […]

Limo Liberals Take The High Road to Defeat

By Mark Simpson Claiming the moral high ground is, in my view, the low­est form of polit­ics. No doubt this means that, like the voters of Pennsylvania, I don’t read The New York Times enough. We’re really miss­ing out. Yesterday’s haughty edit­or­ial in the wake of Senator Clinton’s con­vin­cing vic­tory in that key state, despite […]