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Bond on a Budget: Quantum of Solace is Plenty Cheap

Mark Simpson straps Mr Bond into a rim-chair and aims a knot­ted rope at his nuts ‘I’d rather stay in a morgue!’ So sniffs Daniel Craig in the latest Bond vehicle Quantum of Solace when presen­ted with less than salu­bri­ous accom­mod­a­tion in La Paz, Bolivia. Instead of check­ing in, he sweeps off to a flash five […]

Matt Damon: Sexy or Twaspy?

Matt Damon is the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’, accord­ing to People magazine. Perhaps it’s time to cruise the grave­yard. I don’t mean to be cruel — hon­est — but Matt is preppy, not sexy. The two things are not neces­sar­ily ant­ag­on­istic, gran­ted. But in Matt they are. Yes, I know, it’s ‘all a mat­ter of taste’. But […]

James Bond Comes Out

The new blond Bond has a sur­pris­ing amount in com­mon with the bru­nette ori­ginal – pre­cisely for the reas­ons he’s been bashed, says Mark Simpson (Out, November, 2006) BOND IS BLOND! He’s smooth! He works out! He doesn’t have any eye­brows! He kissed a guy! Ever since English actor Daniel Craig was cast last year as […]