Let Hetero Couples Get Civilly Partnered

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Mark Simpson argues in today’s London Times that het­ero­sexu­als should be allowed to have civil partnerships


Gay Marriage On The Rocks: Ain’t No Surprise

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The wheels appear to have come off the gay mar­riage bus in the US and no one seems to know how to put them back on.  Not even the les­bi­ans. And that’s not accord­ing to med­dlin’ Limey Uncle Tom ‘slut’ me (as I was dubbed by the Voice of Gay America) but accord­ing to the gay-marriage-supporting  New York Times in a piece last week titled ‘Amidst Small Wins, Advocates Lose Marquee Battles’: …the bill to leg­al­ize same-sex mar­riage in New York failed by a sur­pris­ingly wide mar­gin on Wednesday. In New Jersey, Democrats…read more


The Gay Case Against Gay Marriage and Gay Bigotry

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By Mark Simpson (Guardian CIF, 30 April 2009) Who would have guessed the dainty opin­ions of a Miss America can­did­ate would have been taken so ser­i­ously by gays and lib­er­als? Miss California, a prac­tising Christian, was last week denounced by Miss America judge Perez Hilton on his blog as ‘a dumb bitch’ and unworthy of the Miss America crown because she gave the ‘wrong’ answer to his chippy ques­tion about gay mar­riage. Like most Americans — includ­ing the cur­rent Democratic President of the United States — she believes that mar­riage is…read more


Marry Me, Ms P — But Civilly

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A little late –my brain turns to plum pud­ding dur­ing the fes­ter­ing sea­son — I’d like to flag up a sec­tion on gay mar­riage from the stand-up intel­lec­tual Camille Paglia’s December column on Mostly of course because it men­tions me in a flat­ter­ing fash­ion. (If you find mutual love-fests a little queasy, you may want to look away now.…) Maybe because we’re both incur­able Freudians dog­mat­ic­ally wed­ded to his concept of uni­ver­sal bisexual respons­ive­ness, I con­sider Paglia a genu­inely free thinker. Something all-too rare on the left these days. She…read more


Let’s Be Civil: Gay Marriage Isn’t The End of the Rainbow

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by Mark Simpson (A shorter ver­sion ori­gin­ally appeared on Guardian CIF November 2, 2008) “It’s bet­ter to marry than burn with pas­sion,” declared St Paul. But now mar­riage itself seems to have become a burn­ing issue — or at least, gay mar­riage. The re-banning of gay mar­riage in California earlier this month with the pas­sage of Proposition 8 has been presen­ted by gay mar­riage advoc­ates as a vicious body-blow for gay rights. Angry gay people and their allies have pro­tested across the US, some reportedly even riot­ing. The timely release of…read more


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