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You’re as camp as a Brighton bus queue!” — The Bön Mots of Benidorm

I’ve snob­bishly held out against the sun-damaged charms of ITV’s pack­age hol­i­day sit­com Benidorm, set in the ‘all inclus­ive’ Hotel Solana, for sev­eral series. But the sixth one — which sadly this week pours the sand out of its shoes and packs its bags for another year — had me sur­ren­der­ing to it more legs […]

I Love You, Jim Carrey

Watching the exhil­ar­at­ing ‘l’amour fou’ movie ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’ recently I found myself fall­ing in love with Jim Carrey all over again — after sev­eral years of tak­ing him for gran­ted. So much so I for­got he was there all over again. The role of Steven Russell the gay con-man is one he […]

Single White Misanthrope

Mark Simpson on the hell of other people’s crumbs in your mar­gar­ine tub   FLATSHARE OFFERED: Easygoing bloke with GSOH seeks busi­ness trav­el­ler who needs place to keep spare tooth­brush. No pets, no friends, no con­ver­sa­tion. Paranoid intro­verts who keep them­selves to them­selves and are actu­ally invis­ible wel­come. Rent depend­ent on how much oxy­gen you use. Rooming […]