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Morrissey Hasn’t Changed — We Have

Morrissey is always going to dis­ap­point those who want him to be some kind of ‘singing Stephen Fry with a quiff’, argues Mark Simpson  Originally appeared on The Spectator Arts Blog Because the 80s is the dec­ade that actu­ally ended the 20th Century – the 90s was just an after-party clean-up oper­a­tion – it’s also the decade […]

Put a Ring On It

My old friend the (gay) human rights cam­paigner Peter Tatchell, once loathed by the pop­u­lar press for his ‘rad­ical extrem­ism’, is the biggest, loudest voice in the UK call­ing for same sex mar­riage. Or was, until he found him­self in bed recently with David Cameron, the Conservative Prime Minister, who stole his thun­der some­what by […]

A Nation Turns Its Back and Gags

I shall never be able to play The Smiths again without think­ing of Prime Minster David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague shar­ing a hotel room — and Cameron com­plain­ing about Hague’s dis­ap­point­ing endowment.

CleggCam: The ‘Progressive Partnership’ Giving it to You Both Ends

A few months back I wrote a piece for The Times arguing that straight couples should be allowed to have civil part­ner­ships. But now that I’ve seen the UK’s first straight civil part­ner­ship cere­mony in the Rose Garden of Number 10 Downing Street I’m not so sure. In the romantic Spring sun­shine the groom and the […]

Dave’s Posh Skin, Nick’s Cute Hair, and Gordon’s Bleached Rictus

by Mark Simpson It’s dif­fi­cult not to feel a little sorry for Gordon Brown. Even if you really don’t want to. I mean, ima­gine spend­ing over a dec­ade try­ing to wrest the lead­er­ship of the Labour Party — and the UK — from that insuf­fer­ably posh boy Tony Blair and when you finally suc­ceed the global […]

The Tories’ New Section 28

by Mark Simpson (Guardian CIF, 25 March 2010) Whatever happened to the Tory party of the 1980s that refused to use tax­pay­ers’ money to prop up fail­ing indus­tries mak­ing things people didn’t want? That told us sternly, usu­ally in a hel­met of hair-lacquer, “the mar­ket must decide”? It turns out the Tories aren’t so laissez-faire if […]

Marriage: David Cameron’s Lame Duck Industry

From The London Times David Cameron has pro­pelled mar­riage to the centre of the elec­tion cam­paign after sur­pris­ing the Tory party faith­ful with a prom­ise to spell out his flag­ship policy before polling day. Rallying the troops after a nar­row­ing of the poll lead, the Conservative leader said that he would announce details of tax […]

Queer Eye of the Tory Guy Headed For Number 10

After yesterday’s dis­astrous Nantwich by-election defeat for Gordon Brown by David Cameron’s resur­gent, re-branded, made-over, mois­tur­ised Tories, which came hard on the heels of the drub­bing the Brown One received a few weeks ago in the English local coun­cil elec­tions, the media — and a sub­stan­tial part of the Labour Party itself — is now […]

Gordon Isn’t a Moron — But He’s a Terrible Liar

Gordon Brown, Labour’s leader-in-waiting, can’t win the next elec­tion. This week’s address to the Labour Party Conference might as well have been his speech con­ced­ing vic­tory to David Cameron. Why is Gordie such a liab­il­ity? Not because of the dis­dain­ful ver­dict of dodgy Newsnight focus groups, or his recent impa­tient unleash­ing of political-suicide bombers on […]