In Defence of Jerry Lewis

Martin and Lewis were the hottest male comedy double-act of all time – who make today’s ‘bromance’ look like bromide. (Originally appeared in Out, May 2009) Forget hair whorls, genomes, amniotic fluid, older brothers, domineering mothers or disco. I can reveal with absolute, religio-scientific certainty that the cause of my homosexuality was just two words. Jerry. Lewis. As a kid in the 1970s I watched re-runs of his movies, especially the ones from the early fifties with his on-screen boyfriend Dean Martin, with a level […]

Lewis & Martin’s 50’s Love Makes Today’s Bromance Look Like Bromide

This month’s Outfeatures a column by yours truly, called ‘In Defense of Jerry Lewis‘, explaining how my childhood love for early Lewis made me the man I am today — and why his anarchic comedy partnership with Dean Martin in the ‘repressed’ 1950s was a kind of queer punk rock before even rock and roll had been invented: ‘Their heads were so close together in those tiny ’50s cathode-ray tubes — gazing into each other’s eyes, rubbing noses, occasionally stealing kisses or licking each other’s […]

Wouldn’t You Just Die?

Thanks to my Canadian friend Elise for forwarding this gem: A (late 1960s?) TV skit starring Jimmy Stewart, Dean Martin and Orson Welles, no less, at the hair salon – making mock of feminine vanities. The jokes then of course depended on the absurd gender reversal/confusion of three chaps taking such trouble over their appearance. The very idea of a male hair salon! Ho! Ho!  (Though maybe there is an acknowledgement that Martin took a just a bit too much time over his bouffant.) Thank […]