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Polka Dots: Not Just for Girls


Mark Simpson on how sport and porn got into bed — while D&G and Mr Armani took pic­tures.… (Out magazine, May 2006; expan­ded for The V&A’s ‘Fashion V Sport’ cata­logue, June 2008. Also col­lec­ted in ‘Metrosexy’) You might think that it was Italy’s greater ball skills, or stam­ina, or team spirit that won them the […]

D&G’s Hot Date With Metrosexuality

D&G are cun­ning bas­tards. No won­der they are now a World Power. No other fash­ion brand bet­ter under­stands the nature of 21st Century desire, where it lives, what it looks like, what it looks good in –and where it’s tak­ing us in the back of a taxi on Saturday night. This ad for D&G jewelery, […]