Mr ‘Thing’: Pejic and his Prophet

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All truly beau­ti­ful things are a mix­ture of mas­cu­line and fem­in­ine.’ So said the late Susan Sontag. And she would know. I’ve only just read a recent pro­file of the tran­sexy Serbian model Andrej Pejic in The New Yorker called, with only a soupçon of hyper­bole, ‘The Prettiest Boy in the World’. Pejic, who some­times mod­els women’s fash­ion, some­times men’s (though guess which gets more atten­tion), is the chap mem­or­ably described by US FHM in a widely-reported hissy fit as a ‘thing’ that prompts them to ‘pass the sick bucket’ — des­pite his pop­ular­ity with their own…read more


Metrosexuals Continue Their Terrifying Global Take-Over

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These reports just in.… In the Far East young men con­tinue their rush head­long towards a totally met­ro­sexed soci­ety. According to the Korea Times, South Korea, young men, includ­ing sol­diers, are now wear­ing ‘col­our lotion’ (a messy com­bin­a­tion of found­a­tion, ‘lotion’ and sun screen). Over in Japan my spy on Japanese met­ro­sexu­al­ity Daniela K informs me that many Japanese men are wear­ing skirts and dresses on a daily basis.  Similar things are reportedly hap­pen­ing in China. Over here in the UK, skirts are rather less com­mon,  but a blog at so-called ‘lads’…read more


Final Triumph of Metrosexuality: Men’s Tits More Popular Than Women’s

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It’s offi­cial. Men’s tits are now more pop­u­lar than women’s. With men. Men’s Health, the met­ro­mag with the pec-fest, ab-tastic cov­ers is now the best-selling men’s magazine in the UK, selling more than 250,000, com­pared to 235,000 for pre­vi­ous best-seller so-called ‘lad mag’ FHM with its fam­ous cover babes sport­ing udders almost as big as those of Men’s Health mod­els. The truth is of course is that FHM is as much a met­ro­mag as Men’s Health (or ‘Men’s Hypochondria’ as I like to call it). It just used the ‘lad mag’ tits-and-booze for­mula as…read more


Shock News: Mens Glossies Promote Metrosexuality

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According to yesterday’s The Sunday Times, the so-called ‘lad­dish’ cul­ture pro­moted by men’s magazines has spawned a new med­ical con­di­tion: ‘ath­let­ica nervosa’, or an obses­sion with exer­cise: New research shows that the magazines, whose tit­il­lat­ing dis­plays of female flesh were meant to lib­er­ate their read­ers from polit­ical cor­rect­ness, may be trap­ping them into an unhealthy obses­sion with their own bod­ies. Rather than, pre­sum­ably, a healthy obses­sion with women’s bod­ies. Some read­ers become so anxious about their own physique that they embark on excess­ive exer­cise, spend­ing hours run­ning, swim­ming or in…read more


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