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Mad Men and Medusas

Coming across this old review of Juliet Mitchell’s ‘Mad Men and Medusas’ (Independent on Sunday, 2001) reminded me that pretty much all the main char­ac­ters in the TV series of the same name launched in the late Noughties are hys­ter­ics, but most espe­cially Madison Avenue’s Don Juan, aka Donald Draper. I hope Mitchell is getting […]

The New Bromanticism

Just over half of British and American men are cur­rently in or have had a ‘bromance’ in the past accord­ing to a sur­vey, not by Dr Kinsey, but by Badoo (‘the world’s largest social net­work for meet­ing new people’). The Badoo press release – issued on Valentine’s Day last week – claims that the survey […]

Jungian Complexes at the Multiplex

This week David Cronenberg’s feature-length shrink cos­tume drama, A Dangerous Method, about the most fam­ous — and doomed — love-affair in psy­cho­ana­lysis, premières in the UK. I’m talk­ing of course about the pas­sion­ate, twis­ted and teas­ingly uncon­sum­mated romance between Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Despite very mixed reviews I’ll be going to see it when it’s put on general […]

Simpson Tops Arnie and Freud in GQ Spread

From this month’s GQ Russia. My Russian is a little rusty, but I think the piece from this 50th anniversary of GQ issue is about ‘Forty Things That Changed Men’s Lives’. I’ve no idea what GQ has to say about me, but all I care about is that: there’s a scar­ily large pic­ture of me oiled-up pulling […]

Agony from the king of cross-reference

Recent research, widely pub­li­cised in the press with the usual barely-disguised glee that usu­ally accom­pan­ies news that the efforts of other people has been in vain, sug­ges­ted that ther­apy was no more effect­ive than pre­scrip­tion drugs or ‘talk­ing reg­u­larly to a friendly aca­demic’. I doubt this is the case, though I can’t speak from experience […]