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The Animals: Love Letters Between Christopher Isherwood & Don Bachardy

Reviewed by Mark Simpson in The Independent (20/9/13) Contrary to what the pop songs tell you, the lan­guage of love is not uni­ver­sal. It really isn’t the same the world over or even on the same street. Everyone’s love affair is utterly unin­tel­li­gible to every­one else. It’s per­haps the whole point of hav­ing one. Which can make […]

Reset the Gaydar — Tom Daley’s Not Gay

(Originally appeared on Guardian CiF, 11/09/13) Tom Daley isn’t gay. But the bronze medal­list Olympic diver and presenter of celebrity Speedo show Splash! – recently voted ‘World’s Sexiest Man’ by the read­ers of gay mag Attitude – doesn’t mind if you think he is. Last week­end he told The Mirror: “I think it’s funny when people say […]

The End of Heterosexuality (As We’ve Known It)

By Mark Simpson A bullet-pointed column in the NYT by Charles M. Blow exam­ines a sea-change in atti­tudes towards homo­sexu­al­ity sug­ges­ted by a recent Gallup poll which found that, for the first time, the per­cent­age of Americans who per­ceive “gay and les­bian rela­tions” as “mor­ally accept­able” has crossed the sym­bol­ic­ally import­ant 50 per­cent mark. Also for […]

Dogging Firemen: The Naked Truth About That ‘Disturbing Gay Orgy’

What a carry on in the dark! The very widely-reported story of the Avon fire­men dis­cip­lined for bring­ing the Fire Brigade into dis­rep­ute and unau­thor­ised use of their fire engine (and torches) is both fnarrr funny and funny pecu­liar. But the most pecu­liar aspect of it, and cer­tainly the most ser­i­ous, is the light it casts on […]

The Gay Bomb covers the US Air Force in glory

The USAF’s infam­ous ‘Gay Bomb’ has won an illus­tri­ous gong at this year’s pres­ti­gi­ous Ig Nobel Awards. Here’s the piece I wrote about it for the Guardian earlier this year: Armed and Amorous by Mark Simpson (Guardian, June 13 2007) Look out! Take cover! Backs to the walls, boys! It’s the Gay Bomb! No, not a bomb with […]

Larry Craig: the Deep Fried Famous Potato

            by Mark Simpson Whether or not Idaho’s Senator Larry Craig likes cock or not, fol­low­ing his arrest for ‘lewd con­duct’ in a men’s room at Minneapolis air­port this week one thing is for sure: a lot of cock has been writ­ten about him. Here’s Melissa McEwan offer­ing a typical […]