You people are insane!! These movies are TERRIBLE!!!”

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What’s your favour­ite scene in Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Bill Murray and Martin Landau’s best movie? (I’ve writ­ten an appre­ci­ation of Ed Wood for the new online arts mag Culture Kicks.) Here’s mine.


Don’t you have a poster of Matthew McConaughey in your room?”

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Muscle: Hollywood’s Biggest Special Effect

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By Mark Simpson (Independent on Sunday 31 March, 2002) Guys! Do you worry that your body isn’t suf­fi­ciently lean and mus­cu­lar? Do you fre­quently com­pare your muscles with other men’s? If you see a man who is clearly more mus­cu­lar than you, do you think about it and feel envi­ous for some time after­wards? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these ques­tions it used to mean that you should send a postal order to Mr Charles Atlas to ask for advice. Nowadays, if the myriad art­icles about the latest…read more

Gore Vidal Turns Off The Lights on the American Dream

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Mark Simpson speaks to the mother of Myra Breckinridge, and scourge of imper­i­al­ism, mono­the­ism - and mono­sexu­al­ity (Arena Hommes Plus, Summer 2009) I”m hear­ing the last liv­ing Great American Man of Letters. He says some­thing else I don’t hear and I ask him to repeat it. Suddenly this 83 year old legend is very loud and very scary indeed: ‘ISQUIET” A EUPHEMISM FOR DEAD?!’ he thun­ders in a voice much more Biblical than his old foe the late Charlton Heston was ever able to muster. But then, Mr Vidal is…read more

Metro Cowboy to Play Metro Athlete

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Hollywood has appar­ently taken note of the global pub­li­city sur­round­ing über-metrosexual English foot­baller David Beckham’s arrival in Tinseltown and decided to dust off America’s own, dis­carded met­ro­sexual sports­man pro­to­type, 1960s flam­boy­ant, fur-coat wear­ing NFL quar­ter­back Joe Namath and give it the big-screen treat­ment. Jake Gyllenhaal is to play Namath — pop­ularly dubbed ‘Broadway Joe’ — in a Hollywood biopic of the Hall of Fame sports­man who was the first American foot­baller to become a multi-media phenemonon and Madison Avenue model. In other words, the actor who played a met­ro­sexual cow­boy…read more


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