Cristiano ‘Sporno’ Ronaldo – Mark Simpson Interviewed By Newsweek

Mark Simpson interviewed by Newsweek’s Teddy Cutler on the spornosexual movement and the leading role of Ronaldo’s pectorals in it (2/20/2016) What exactly does ‘spornosexual’ mean? The spornosexual is a man who has hammered and fashioned his own body into a hot, ripped, pumped, inked, vaguely lewd commodity at the factory of the 21st century—the gymnasium. He’s a man who aspires to be that ultimate male hero today —a Men’s Health cover model. How do you spot one? You don’t. Their under-dressed body spots you—and then demands that you […]

‘Metrosexuality is Normal Now – Meet The Spornosexual’

Yours truly interviewed on the back page of yesterday’s LaVanguardia, Catalonia’s main newspaper by Victor Amela – who seemed a very nice chap. (Available in in Castilian and Catalan – the interview was conducted through a very competent translator, but I fear some of my crap puns may not have survived.)

Interview with Mark Simpson in Greek newspaper ‘Eleftherotypia’

This Sunday the magazine supplement of the Greek daily ‘Eleftherotypia’ is running a major interview with MetroDaddy by Spyros Chatzigiannis. In case your Greek isn’t up to scratch, or you happen by some chance not to be living in Greece at the moment (the Sunday edition isn’t available online) – Read the interview in English here . Whilst I’m blowing my foreign trumpet, I hear that the December issue of Russian GQ is running a short piece about me in a list of ’27 Things […]