A Metrosexual Gorilla (With Spornosexual Tendencies)

A good-looking gorilla in Japan called Shabani who looks after his kids has been getting a lot of press lately and making Japanese women swoon. The BBC’s Yuko Kato explains why. (I agree that there’s something Clooney-esque about the mouth, but the pout is pure Beckham.)

Male Bras are Big in Japan – Even if Men’s Breasts aren’t

Thanks to my Japanese metrosexuality correspondent Daniela K for informing me that, in addition to the popularity of skirts and dresses with Japanese men I blogged about last week, brassieres are catching on too. Yes, brassieres made for men.  Brassieres made for men to wear rather than gawp at. Apparently the male bras, unlike the female variety, have no practical function – not even to make men’s pecs look bigger or offer support to sagging ones – their value is entirely psychological.  Particularly for male […]

Metrosexuals Continue Their Terrifying Global Take-Over

These reports just in…. In the Far East young men continue their rush headlong towards a totally metrosexed society. According to the Korea Times, South Korea, young men, including soldiers, are now wearing ‘colour lotion’ (a messy combination of foundation, ‘lotion’ and sun screen). Over in Japan my spy on Japanese metrosexuality Daniela K informs me that many Japanese men are wearing skirts and dresses on a daily basis.  Similar things are reportedly happening in China. Over here in the UK, skirts are rather less […]