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Mikey Strokes His Pussy (For Charidee)

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino is look­ing pumped in this jokey-but-serious poster for PETA, encour­aging cat own­ers to get their cats neutered. ‘The Occasional Table’ - as his fel­low house­mate Julian Clary hil­ari­ously dubbed him — looks rather more pumped than he did on Celebrity Big Brother this Summer, where he seemed very ‘off sea­son’, spotty and […]

Let me Hear Your Body Talk

Are men the new women? I’ve always avoided using that line until now. As the (hetero)sexual divi­sion of labour and lov­ing and look­ing con­tin­ues to fall apart, men are the new everything. Just as women are. But in the last few months we’ve been told men now take longer get­ting ready than women, mer­ci­fully delet­ing at […]

When You Gotta Big Dick, You Don’t Gotta Do Nothin!”

Mike De Luca (played with sweaty verve by Jordan Nice) is an unem­ployed, rather lazy young Italian-American chap liv­ing in blue-collar, post-industrial Philly who decides to go with the met­ro­sexy times and make his fame and for­tune by turn­ing his man­hood into cash. Whipping it out on web­cam for the punters, male and female. In […]

The North East Has a Situation: Geordie Shore

Last week I found myself chat­ting between sets, as you do, to a young, buff, absurdly attract­ive straight lad in a gym in the North East of England. He told me wanted to move to Miami. Why Miami? I asked. ‘I wanna be in Jersey Shore!’ he said, (which, con­fus­ingly, is now set in Miami). […]

20 ‘Stella’ Years of Dolce & Gabbana For Men

by Mark Simpson, Arena Hommes Plus (Winter-Spring, 2010) America’s hot­test new Hollywood stars – who nat­ur­ally enough in this post-Hollywood era, don’t actu­ally work in Hollywood but real­ity TV – were recently hon­oured with a pro­file in Interview magazine. The Italian-American ‘Guidos’ from MTV mega-hit ‘Jersey Shore’, who have conquered America with their brazen­ness and […]

Metrosexuality and the City

Mark Simpson and Caroline Hagood Discuss the End of Sexuality and Other Girlie Stuff huffingtonpost.com

The Metrosexual Noughties

Amidst the swathe of drear­ily pre­dict­able ‘dec­ade  in review’ pieces that appeared at the end of December this one by Amanda Hess at The Sexist stood out as one which actu­ally man­aged to offer some obser­va­tional cul­tural insight, rather than just recycled cut­tings and cliches: Think boys are simply born into their mas­cu­line gender role? […]