Sex Terror’ Now Available on Kindle — Sweet Dreams.

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SEX TERROR Erotic Misadventures in Pop Culture Mark Simpson This book will change the way you think about sex. It may even put you off it alto­gether. NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE     In his full-frontal follow-up to his widely acclaimed It’s a Queer World, Mark Simpson dis­penses with the mon­key busi­ness of sexu­al­ity and gets to grips with the organ grinder itself: SEX. Subjecting our saucy new god to his sac­ri­le­gious satire, Simpson sins against every con­tem­por­ary com­mand­ment about doing the nasty: It must be hot. It must be fre­quent. It must…read more


Mark Simpson’s Saint Morrissey Now Available as an e-book

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The widely critically-acclaimed, innov­at­ive – and egot­ist­ical – ‘psycho-bio’ of pop’s most elu­sive, most adored, most charm­ing and most alarm­ing front-man is now avail­able for instant down­load on Amazon Kindle (includ­ing Kindle for PC, iPhone and iPad). “The most incis­ive bio­graphy of Morrissey yet pub­lished“ — James Maker, “The Fifth Smith” “Simpson is funny, clever, hon­est, irrev­er­ent and egot­ist­ical: quite the match for Morrissey. More bio­graph­ies should be writ­ten this way.“ — Independent on Sunday Books of the Year “Saint Morrissey is a crack­ing read, almost an instruc­tional hand­book on how to develop, deal with,…read more


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