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Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ — Love it or Leave it?

A heated debate on Out.com about Lady Gaga’s new single ‘Born This Way’. I’m the one mak­ing omelette out of it.

Bored This Way: Gaga Lays A Giant Egg

This is an atro­cious, dis­astrous mis­take on Gaga’s part. It’s so bad it’s mind-reeling. It could very well mark the begin­ning of the end her career. After all that gigantic build-up and anti­cip­a­tion about her first new mater­ial in over a year she’s gone and laid a… giant egg. Never mind ‘the gay­est song ever’ […]

That Lady Gaga backlash is so tired already

The Gaga back­lash, which recently found itself a leader in Camille Paglia, was inev­it­able. It’s also mis­guided, argues Mark Simpson (Out Magazine, Sept 24 2010) My bitch is bet­ter than your bitch! And she wore that dress before yours did! My bitch would kick your bitch’s ass! This is the kind of thing the older generation […]

The Legendary Test

Mark Simpson on the (fast dimin­ish­ing) dif­fer­ence between fame and legend (The Hospital Club magazine, Spring 2010) A recent bloody assas­sin­a­tion attempt on Gore Vidal, the last great American man of let­ters by the English journ­al­ist Christopher Hitchens in the glossy pages of Vanity Fair promp­ted me, and I sus­pect many oth­ers, to pon­der the […]

Johnny Does Gaga

I’ll admit to being more or less crim­in­ally ignor­ant of Mr Weir before I saw this clip of his inter­pret­a­tion of ‘Poker Face’ last year. I also know very little about ice skat­ing, but I know one thing: this isn’t ice skat­ing.  This is ener­get­ic­ally slid­ing around in a kinky cat­suit while shim­my­ing and ges­tur­ing and […]

Long Live Lady Gaga and The McQueen

Until last year I thought pop was a com­pletely spent force.  Oh, there were some nice bands around with nice tunes and some nice hair­cuts, but pop as a total art form was pooped.  Along with pop cul­ture.  It was just another Facebook app. And then along came the New York songwriter-turned-singer that the press […]