That Lady Gaga backlash is so tired already

The Gaga backlash, which recently found itself a leader in Camille Paglia, was inevitable. It’s also misguided, argues Mark Simpson (Out Magazine, Sept 24 2010) My bitch is better than your bitch! And she wore that dress before yours did! My bitch would kick your bitch’s ass! This is the kind of thing the older generation — my generation — has begun to say ever more loudly about the younger generation’s first bona fide superstar, Lady Gaga. David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Grace Jones, and—crossing […]

Decadence in the dole queue: Leigh Bowery Looks

by Mark Simpson (Independent on Sunday, May 5, 2002) Thanks largely to a new crowd-pleasing musical, the crowd-panicking Mr Bowery’s name is forever linked in the public mind with Taboo, the fin-de-siecle drugs, sex, and dressing-up club in Leicester Square he captained in the 1980s – the decade in which the 20th century and possibly Western civilisation actually ended. I however, will always associate him with a club called The Asylum, Heaven’s “alternative” night, where I often used to glimpse – in teenage terror – his […]