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Alain Delon’s Slaughtering Looks

Perhaps it’s Madge over­load, but I com­pletely missed this rather catch­ing ‘Beautiful Killer’ trib­ute to the very fetch­ing Swiss-French actor Alain Delon that she included on her 2012 MDNA album. This YouTube com­pil­a­tion of breath­tak­ing Alain Delon moments reminds us of how pre­pos­ter­ously pretty the young Monsieur Delon was. He makes Johnny Depp look almost plain. Even laid out on […]

Rupert Everett’s Flabby Bottom

I’m cur­rently devour­ing Rupert Everett’s deli­cious second volume of mem­oirs Vanished Years, straight after fin­ish­ing the first, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins. Though it should prob­ably be read slowly, reclin­ing on a queen-sized bed in a silk dress­ing gown and slip­pers – as if you were eat­ing very expens­ive, very naughty bitter-sweet chocol­ate liqueurs. It’s […]

Bored This Way: Gaga Lays A Giant Egg

This is an atro­cious, dis­astrous mis­take on Gaga’s part. It’s so bad it’s mind-reeling. It could very well mark the begin­ning of the end her career. After all that gigantic build-up and anti­cip­a­tion about her first new mater­ial in over a year she’s gone and laid a… giant egg. Never mind ‘the gay­est song ever’ […]

That Lady Gaga backlash is so tired already

The Gaga back­lash, which recently found itself a leader in Camille Paglia, was inev­it­able. It’s also mis­guided, argues Mark Simpson (Out Magazine, Sept 24 2010) My bitch is bet­ter than your bitch! And she wore that dress before yours did! My bitch would kick your bitch’s ass! This is the kind of thing the older generation […]

Long Live Lady Gaga and The McQueen

Until last year I thought pop was a com­pletely spent force.  Oh, there were some nice bands around with nice tunes and some nice hair­cuts, but pop as a total art form was pooped.  Along with pop cul­ture.  It was just another Facebook app. And then along came the New York songwriter-turned-singer that the press […]

Guy Ritchie: How Gay is He?

Is the hus­band of the world’s most fam­ous ‘gay man trapped in a woman’s body’ a homo­phobe?  Or a con­flic­ted homo­phile? Or both? Promoting his new book, Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone has been claim­ing that absurdly straight act­ing Guy Ritchie’s homo­phở­bia is one of the reas­ons why he and his slightly more fam­ous sis­ter are no […]

Madonna and Guy — An Old Fashioned Celeb Couple

Madonna inter­viewed with this month’s Elle magazine, excerp­ted this week in the Daily Mail under the head­line ‘My amaz­ing sex-life’. Apparently hubby Guy has encour­aged her to be more fem­in­ine. Madge said: “I think I’ve been hon­ing and fin­ess­ing my fem­in­ine side. I’ve always been very com­fort­able with my mas­cu­line side — the con­fid­ence, the […]