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Dude, Where’s My Objectification?

These ‘jokey’ Veet ‘Don’t risk dude­ness’ ads in which a ‘sexy lady’ turns into an ‘unsexy dude’ because she hasn’t used Veet have pro­voked an e-flurry of out­rage for their sex­ism and sham­ing of women who aren’t always freshly depil­ated, so much so that Veet had to issue an apo­logy and with­draw them. But what’s truly ‘funny’ […]

Meat the Spornosexuals

The second gen­er­a­tion of met­ro­sexu­als are cum­ming. And this time it’s hard­core by Mark Simpson What is it about male hip­sters and their strange, pal­lid, highly ambi­val­ent fas­cin­a­tion with bod­ies beefier and sex­ier than their own? Which means, of course, pretty much every­one? You may remem­ber last year that last year the Guardian colum­nist and […]

Twerking Proof That Boys & Baseball Can Be Bootilicious Too

How appro­pri­ate that in ‘Movember’, the month when we are all sup­posed to be keep­ing in mind pro­state health, this inspir­ing clip by a public-spirited sports­man demon­strat­ing pro­state mas­sage tech­niques should have gone viral. Tip: DAKrolak

New Renault Clio Comes With Embarrassing Aberzombie Attack Button

 (Note: the A&F pager but­ton only works if there’s a hid­den film crew.) Tip: DAKrolak

Diet Cock: Coca Cola’s Porno Promo

As an avid voyeur of the media’s mar­ket­ing of the male body I meant to write about this new Diet Coke advert ‘Gardener’ when it first strut­ted its stuff a a month or so back, but it com­pletely slipped my mind — like a chilled, bead­ing soft drink can in a lubed hand. Apologies. Obviously […]

Becks’ Bum: Satisfaction or Disappointment?

I don’t have much to say about the much-discussed latest Beckham ad for his H&M pants, dir­ec­ted by fel­low LA-loving Brit Guy Ritchie, in which he runs through Beverly Hills in his white slip­pers as the props and scenery con­spire to remove his clothes, Cupid Stunt–like. Except: Those slip­pers must be really, really snug to stay on. And: […]

Nightmare Balls

Once again, I’m very grate­ful that American fem­in­ists have sci­en­tific­ally proven (by look­ing at dusty back issues of Rolling Stone magazine) that men aren’t ‘really’ objec­ti­fied, only women are. Because it means that this eye-popping ad for toi­let cleaner fea­tur­ing a tarty boy band sus­pen­ded beneath the rim of a toi­let in cages, implor­ing ‘baby’ to […]

Metrosexy Joey Has a Very Tidy Body

You’ve got bigger boobs than me — that’s sooo depressing!”

Today’s men are obsessed with their bodies — but is that so bad?

Yours truly in today’s Guardian.