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Walk Like a Man, My Son

Scientists are reportedly try­ing to uncover the secret of the Essex Walk - but Mark Simpson has been study­ing the Squaddie Spring and the Wide Boy Waltz for years (Attitude, March 1998 & col­lec­ted in Sex Terror) Putting one foot in front of the other is a tricky busi­ness when you’re a bloke. There’s so much scope for […]

Are Modern Men Manly Enough?

Yours truly takes part in a round table heated  debate on mas­culin­ity over at The New York Times. (You won’t be sur­prised to dis­cover that unlike most con­trib­ut­ors, I’m intensely relaxed about intensely relaxed mod­ern masculinity.)

America to Machismo: How Do I Quit You?

Dire warn­ings of how men are doomed because more chapesses are now in work than chaps, are more edu­cated, and now earn­ing more (in large cit­ies), promp­ted a spe­cial ‘Man Up!’ issue of Newsweek a few weeks back on the ‘crisis of mas­culin­ity’.  The centrepiece was an inter­est­ing, lengthy – and oddly-conflicted – essay titled […]

The world’s most perceptive writer about modern masculinity’

Is me, appar­ently. I can’t really find it in me to dis­agree. From the global trend-spotting/cool-hunting web­site Science of the Time: Mark Simpson is prob­ably the world’s most per­cept­ive – and cer­tainly the wit­ti­est – writer about mod­ern mas­culin­ity. Mark Simpson has by far the sharpest mind when it comes to chan­ging mas­culin­it­ies. With a world­wide reputation, […]