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It’s Not a Journey: The Endless Trend of Male Vanity

The next time someone tries to con­vince me that Pitt is ‘a really great actor, actu­ally’ I’ll just throw my eyes around the room in a casually-but-profoundly dra­matic fash­ion before fix­ing them on the Fight Club fan­boy — and it always is a Fight Club fan­boy — and say­ing: “THERE you ARE!” I don’t mean to […]

Chris Evans is Captain Cocktease

You know how every­one com­plains that the best bits of a movie are in the trailer these days? Well, in the case of the new super-hero block­buster Captain America the ONLY bits are in the trailer. But WHAT bits they are! At around c. 1.40 mins Chris Evans’ oiled bazookas burst out of the instant stud machine he’s […]

Public Information Film Warns Men’s Health Mag & Disco Blurs Desire & Envy, Making Men Dizzy

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Men’s Health Staff Celebrate News That Narcissism Is No Longer an Illness

I jest of course. The staff at Men’s Health wish they looked like that. Even if I’m sure quite a few of them dance like that – when the read­ers can’t see them (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell may be about to be repealed in the US Armed Forces, but not any time soon at Men’s Health pub­lisher Rodale Inc.). […]

Men’s Health Magazine Appoints New Brazilian Editor

Is it wrong to be slightly turned on?

The Men’s Health Fleshlight

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Final Triumph of Metrosexuality: Men’s Tits More Popular Than Women’s

It’s offi­cial. Men’s tits are now more pop­u­lar than women’s. With men. Men’s Health, the met­ro­mag with the pec-fest, ab-tastic cov­ers is now the best-selling men’s magazine in the UK, selling more than 250,000, com­pared to 235,000 for pre­vi­ous best-seller so-called ‘lad mag’ FHM with its fam­ous cover babes sport­ing udders almost as big as those of Men’s Health […]

From Finland With Lust: How Tom Re-Designed the Male Body. For Pleasure.

The teen­age Tom of Finland’s gay fantas­ies from the 1940s of mus­cu­lar men have come to define a main­stream view of mas­culin­ity, says Mark Simpson (The London Times, Nov 2008 and col­lec­ted in Metrosexy) The first time I saw a Tom of Finland draw­ing was in a well-thumbed, seventh-hand issue of Fiesta, a top-shelf favour­ite of […]

Little Britain Touches Up Uncle Sam

By Mark Simpson (Guardian, 20 October, 2008) ‘What other cul­ture could have pro­duced someone like Ernest Hemingway,’ waspish bisexual American exile Gore Vidal once asked of America’s favour­ite so-butch-he’s-camp writer, ‘and not seen the joke?’. The answer, was, of course, that only a cul­ture that couldn’t see the joke could pro­duce a Hemingway. I don’t […]

Shock News: Mens Glossies Promote Metrosexuality

According to yesterday’s The Sunday Times, the so-called ‘lad­dish’ cul­ture pro­moted by men’s magazines has spawned a new med­ical con­di­tion: ‘ath­let­ica nervosa’, or an obses­sion with exer­cise: New research shows that the magazines, whose tit­il­lat­ing dis­plays of female flesh were meant to lib­er­ate their read­ers from polit­ical cor­rect­ness, may be trap­ping them into an unhealthy […]