Meat the Spornosexual

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The second gen­er­a­tion of met­ro­sexu­als are cum­ming. And this time it’s hard­core by Mark Simpson What is it about male hip­sters and their strange, pal­lid, highly ambi­val­ent fas­cin­a­tion with bod­ies beefier and sex­ier than their own? Which means, of course, pretty much every­one? You may remem­ber last year that last year the Guardian colum­nist and TV presenter Charlton Brooker had a very messy bowel-evacuating panic attack over the self-sexualisation of the male body exhib­ited in real­ity show Geordie Shore. Now the hip­ster bible Vice have run a long, pas­sion­ate –…read more

Swedish Meatballs

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The Catlike Narcissism of Metrosexy Men — & Cats

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Which one would get your cream?  From Des Hommes et des Chatons Tip: DAKrolak

Diet Cock: Coca Cola’s Porno Promo

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As an avid voyeur of the media’s mar­ket­ing of the male body I meant to write about this new Diet Coke advert ‘Gardener’ when it first strut­ted its stuff a a month or so back, but it com­pletely slipped my mind — like a chilled, bead­ing soft drink can in a lubed hand. Apologies. Obviously there’s not enough NutraSweet in my blood­stream. For its 30th anniversary Diet Coke, a sticky, fizzy, calorie-free brown drink aimed at women (Coke Zero is the ‘male’ equi­val­ent — the girly word ‘diet’ replaced by a manly…read more

Gratuitous Simpson

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If you’re a mem­ber of Amazon Prime in the US, UK, France or Germany and own a Kindle you can e-borrow Metrosexy, Saint Morrissey, Sex Terror and Male Impersonators for nowt. (Though Amazon prom­ises to bung me a couple of dol­lars for each lend.)


He was 35yrs old with 4% body fat and a 42″ chest”

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Incredibly Sexy Firefighter Tragically Dies In Steamy Blaze Tip: Paul Q


Mâle Au Corps’: Mark Simpson talks to ‘Liberation’

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Mark Simpson inter­viewed by Clement Ghys in France’s Liberation news­pa­per about the evol­u­tion of his met­ro­sexual off­spring – and Justin Timberlake’s ass. (Unedited English email Q&A, April 2012) CG: In 1994, you coined the term “Metrosexual”. Looking back, how would you say the concept has evolved? In what way do you find this defin­i­tion still rel­ev­ant? MS: Well, nat­ur­ally the reason it’s still rel­ev­ant, Clement, because I’ve recently pub­lished a book on the sub­ject! More ser­i­ously, met­ro­sexu­al­ity is still rel­ev­ant all these mois­tur­ised years later because the breadth and depth of…read more


Metrosexual Smoothie

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Burger King have come a long way from their ‘man­them’ anti-metro back­lash days of the mid Noughties in which they lit­er­ally sang the praises of fatty food. Now their ads star the ulti­mate met­ro­sexual smoothie, David Beckham, who is given the kind of soft-focus, mouth-watering treat­ment in this ad that used to be reserved for their ‘man-food’ Whoppers. Beckham is the ‘excit­ing thing’ hap­pen­ing at Burger King. And he really does have a very appet­ising, seduct­ive smile. Even his ter­rible act­ing is appeal­ing. There is also some­thing charm­ingly sub­missive about the way he pleads for…read more


Today’s men are obsessed with their bodies — but is that so bad?

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Yours truly in today’s Guardian.


Sexy and I Show It: Parading Cadets (& Olympic Divers)

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Last year metrodaddy declared the LMFAO dance hit ‘Sexy and I Know It’ an anthem  for the Jersey Shore/Geordie Shore/The Only Way is Essex/The Hunks/Men’s Health Magazine gen­er­a­tion of met­ro­sexy young men and the meta­phor­ical (and not so meta­phor­ical) spangly Speedos they’re flaunt­ing them­selves in. But I have to say I was a tad ambi­val­ent about the heav­ily ironic hip­ster promo video. Fortunately, it’s been remade by non-hipsters. In shape non-hipsters. Cadets from the USAF Academy, no less. Now, in case any­one objects that this is con­duct unbe­com­ing future officers (and appar­ently some kill­joys have)…read more


Ciao Bello! Mark Simpson interviewed by Italian mag ‘Studio’

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English (uned­ited) ver­sion of Q&A with Mark Simpson by Michele Masneri for Italian cul­tural  magazine Studio in which he talks about the Italian roots of sporno, the next stage of met­ro­sexu­al­ity – and the Silviosexual What do you mean by the word “sporno”? Mark Simpson: The place where sport and porn get into bed while Mr Armani takes pic­tures. Beckham and Ronaldo’s bul­ging pack­ets rammed down our throat on the sides of buses. Dolce & Gabbana hanging around the Italian foot­ball team’s locker room. That kind of thing. So once again we…read more


David Beckham’s ‘End Result’ — Can You Handle It?

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Better order some indus­trial strength lip balm and prac­tise sup­press­ing the gag reflex. Shameless sporno star and über-metrosexual David Beckham is ram­ming his eye-popping lunch­box down our col­lect­ive throats again. This time with a media ‘offens­ive’ for his own line of men’s undies – and strangely shape­less vests – from Swedish-owned high street fash­ion chain H&M. “I always want to chal­lenge myself and this was such a reward­ing exper­i­ence for me. I’m very happy with the end res­ult and I hope H&M’s male cus­tom­ers will be as excited as I am.”.…read more


Gifting ‘Metrosexy’, ‘St Moz’ or ‘Male Impersonators’ on Kindle

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If you have their email address you can gift a friend — or an enemy — a copy of a Simpson Kindle book. (At the moment this ser­vice is only avail­able from Gift vouch­ers are cur­rently the only way to gift a Kindle book at  


Review of ‘Metrosexy’ at Italian literary blog ‘Finzioni’

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GP Leonardi at ‘Finzioni’ reviews Metrosexy. You can read it here.


NY Mag Notices How Tarty Men Have Become

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New York Magazine has just noticed that men have become ‘objec­ti­fied’. Or as I like to put it in Metrosexy, using the proper, sci­entific term – tarts. The Summer of 2011 offi­cially became the sum­mer that the male gaze was reflec­ted back at itself — and with enthu­si­asm! In the summer’s super­hero movies, a supremely buff body became part of what made these her­oes so super. The Captain America trailer had Dominic Cooper doing the old look-over-the-top-of-my-sunglasses move to get a load of the newly pumped up Chris Evans. In Thor,…read more


When You Gotta Big Dick, You Don’t Gotta Do Nothin!”

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Mike De Luca (played with sweaty verve by Jordan Nice) is an unem­ployed, rather lazy young Italian-American chap liv­ing in blue-collar, post-industrial Philly who decides to go with the met­ro­sexy times and make his fame and for­tune by turn­ing his man­hood into cash. Whipping it out on web­cam for the punters, male and female. In his Ma’s front room. As he puts it in a catch-phrase even more sali­ent and wise than ‘Gym. Tan. Laundry’: “When you gotta big dick, you don’t gotta do nothin! Life comes to YOU!” So true, Mike,…read more


Scrape Me With a Strigil! The Grooming Guru interviews Mark Simpson

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The Grooming Guru, alias Lee Kynaston, inter­views Simpson about how Top Gun made a gen­er­a­tion of young men ‘gay’ and why the Romans knew a thing or two about exfo­li­ation. A snip­pet: GG: Many com­ment­at­ors com­plain that men are ‘becom­ing more like women’ with their grooming/beauty regimes. What would you say to this? MS: I think it’s more a case of men no longer tying one hand behind their backs when it comes to the increas­ingly import­ant busi­ness – both in private and pub­lic life – of look­ing good. Happily mar­ried…read more


Metrosexy Marines

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Perhaps only one of these US Marines in the latest ‘mil­it­ary camp’ Youtube hit is actu­ally drop dead beau­ti­ful (clue: he’s the one who shakes his ass most con­vin­cingly, takes his top off, strokes his abs lov­ingly — and grabs his packet while his buddy zooms in for a close-up). But you have to give his less phys­ic­ally gif­ted com­rades full marks for the way these trained killers really want to be ‘drop dead’ gor­geous. At least for the dur­a­tion of a Britney pop song about a woman who loves…read more


Interview with Mark Simpson in Portuguese National ‘Publico’

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English ver­sion of inter­view with Simpson about his new book met­ro­sexy by Bruno Horta (Publico, June 16, 2011) Why did you decide to col­lect these texts in a single volume? I wanted to bring together my essays that doc­u­ment and ana­lyse the pro­found revolu­tion in mas­culin­ity that met­ro­sexu­al­ity rep­res­ents. But which has been mostly trivi­al­ized by the media as being lit­er­ally skin-deep – Oooh! men hav­ing facials!! Oooh! Manbags!! That kind of thing. Metrosexuality isn’t about men becom­ing ‘girlie’ or ‘gay’. It’s about men becom­ing everything. To them­selves. It’s told-you-so van­ity…read more


Sporno Gallery

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I’ve added an eye-popping gal­lery of sporno to the met­ro­sexy Facebook page here. (It’s a lot easier on FB than on WordPress.) Alas, due to the lim­it­a­tions of the format there are no illus­tra­tions in the e-book — aside from David Williams lyr­ical shower scene on the cover. Metrosexy is 70,000 words long but doesn’t say nearly as much as the but­tocks below.…


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