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The Sex Terror Revisited

Yesterday’s London Times ran a three page piece called ‘Oral History’ inter­view­ing some of the ‘play­ers’ (or per­haps ‘chan­cers’ would be more accur­ate) in the Monica Lewinsky ‘scan­dal’ that was to engulf the Clinton Presidency for more than a year, lead to his impeach­ment and, very nearly, to his depar­ture from the White House. The piece […]

Oral Sex in the City

Mark Simpson on why God gave (most) men back­bones longer than their penis (Originally appeared in Attitude, 1998, as ‘Slick Willy’) Once upon a time, becom­ing a rock star was the only way a young male could be assured of get­ting free blow-jobs from females. This, not private jets or yachts or tax havens or leather […]