Dear Hero in Prison — Quotes From Morrissey’s Autobiography

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Well, I’ve read that book. You know, the fastest-selling music bio­graphy ever. And while it would be hideously indec­or­ous of me to review it – espe­cially since Morrissey was kind enough not to men­tion my bio­graphy of him – I will say this: It cer­tainly didn’t dis­ap­point. In lieu of a review, here are some espe­cially cher­ished lines. Because of course, everything that he says rings true-oh-oh-oh. On his homet­own …we live in for­got­ten Victorian knife-plunging Manchester, where everything lies wherever it was left over one hun­dred years ago. On his big head Naturally…read more

Will Morrissey Have The Last Laugh — Again?

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 ‘Has any book in recent memory not actu­ally about wiz­ards pro­voked so much interest?’ Mark Simpson on the most eagerly-anticipated music bio­graphy ever. C4 News, 14 October, 2013 MORRISSEY HAS ALWAYS enjoyed the last laugh. His entire career has been based on it. Back in the 1980s, when he was in his pomp as the pom­pa­doured front man of The Smiths – and loudly reject­ing everything the 1980s stood for – Morrissey was asked if he thought that suc­cess was a form of revenge. “Absolutely and entirely a form of revenge,”…read more

Coz Everything That You Say Rings True

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The last of the fam­ous inter­na­tional play­boys are Bowie, Bolan, Devoto and me.” — Morrissey Perhaps it’s just Bolan, Devoto and Morrissey now.


Morrissey Hasn’t Changed — We Have

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Morrissey is always going to dis­ap­point those who want him to be some kind of ‘singing Stephen Fry with a quiff’, argues Mark Simpson  Originally appeared on The Spectator Arts Blog Because the 80s is the dec­ade that actu­ally ended the 20th Century – the 90s was just an after-party clean-up oper­a­tion – it’s also the dec­ade that never came to an end itself. In fact, the 80s is the dec­ade that just won’t die. Economy in (‘Big Bang’) reces­sion. Tories in power. Cuts on the table. Riots on the streets. Royal wed­dings…read more


Shelagh Delaney Finally Sails on the Alley Alley-Oh

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Shelagh Delaney the Salford-born child-prodigy author of the ground-breaking, hugely influ­en­tial — and touch­ingly funny — 1958 play ‘A Taste of Honey’ died at the week­end from can­cer, aged 71. Below is a clas­sic Monitor pro­file of Delaney and Salford from 1960, dir­ec­ted by Ken Russell, no less. Fifty years on Delaney the pro­vin­cial work­ing class girl comes across as very mod­ern and relaxed in front of the BBC cam­eras — albeit in a slightly dreamy, intro­spect­ive way that isn’t in fact very mod­ern at all, alas. We don’t really have time for such…read more



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A Nation Turns Its Back and Gags

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I shall never be able to play The Smiths again without think­ing of Prime Minster David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague shar­ing a hotel room — and Cameron com­plain­ing about Hague’s dis­ap­point­ing endowment.


Dad Rock

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Morrissey’s Seven Inch Plastic Strap-On

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There’s a naked man stand­ing laugh­ing in your dreams. You know who it is, but you don’t like what it means.   A num­ber of people have for­war­ded Morrissey’s pubes to me. (For which, many thanks.) I thought I could get away with not dis­cuss­ing the Moz minge, but this Red Hot Chili Peppers pas­tiche, nos­tal­gic vinyl tak­ing the place of stuffed socks, which appears on the inside sleeve of Morrissey’s new single ‘Throwing My Arms Around Paris’ has gen­er­ated a lot of com­ment­ary, some amused, some not, and some, such…read more


Morrissey Throwing His Lallies Around Paree

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Only stone and steel accept my love…’ Or can handle it.  ‘Throwing My Arms Around Paris’ is the swoon­ing new single from the (Moz-cara wear­ing) old groaner, full of his curi­ously uplift­ing des­pair throw­ing its empty arms around… his audi­ence again. The per­fect com­pan­ion piece to last year’s bottom-spanking ‘All You Need is Me’, a song that seems to address his lov­ers and detract­ors at the same time. Because of course, they’re one and the same: ‘You don’t like me but you love me, either way your wrong’. (In the vid he…read more


All You Need is Me

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A man of great Euro-vision

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(Originally appeared here 10/1/07) First the Tory party, now the BBC. Is there any daggy British insti­tu­tion that isn’t scrab­bling for a sweaty piece of Mozza’s gold lamé shirt, like an espe­cially wild-eyed fan at the end of a gig? You can hardly have escaped the news that, after last year’s grind­ing nadir of Daz Sampson, the rap­ping metal­work teacher, BBC Eurovision was “in talks” with rap-loathing Morrissey about writ­ing (but not per­form­ing) this year’s UK entry. Which is prob­ably the point. Like Tory leader David Cameron’s incess­ant Moz-mentioning last year, it’s the per­fect way…read more


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