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Are Modern Men Manly Enough?

Yours truly takes part in a round table heated  debate on mas­culin­ity over at The New York Times. (You won’t be sur­prised to dis­cover that unlike most con­trib­ut­ors, I’m intensely relaxed about intensely relaxed mod­ern masculinity.)

Gayest Fashion Feature Evah?

The NY Times wants to con­vince you that men’s fash­ion blog­ging is the new bull-fighting. In an inad­vert­ently hil­ari­ous piece titled ‘Straight Talk — A New Breed of Fashion Bloggers’, it sets out to prove that Tweeting and Tumbling about tie pins all day is really, like, butch. NOT every fash­ion blog­ger is a 15-year-old […]


Martin Lindstrom writ­ing in The NYT today (‘You Love your iPhone. Literally.’) claims to have found evid­ence, using fancy-pants neuro-imaging tech­no­logy, that people are not ‘addicted’ to their smart­phones as is com­monly sug­ges­ted, but rather, ‘love’ them. And not, like, iron­ic­ally. Or like ‘I heart my iPhone’. But like they love a per­son. Or how […]

Bisexual Men Exist! But Does Scientific Sex Research?

Those kinky penile plethysmo­graph fet­ish­ists at Northwestern University just can’t get enough cock. Dr JM Bailey and his chums have been strap­ping a fresh batch of pen­ises into their sex-lie detector machines again, show­ing them porn and fever­ishly twid­dling their knobs. But this time – hold the front page! – their ‘sci­entific’ find­ings very kindly […]

Not in Front of the Goyim: Gays and Not-So-Open Relationships

Interesting piece by Scott James in today’s New York Times: New research at San Francisco State University reveals just how com­mon open rela­tion­ships are among gay men and les­bi­ans in the Bay Area. The Gay Couples Study has fol­lowed 556 male couples for three years — about 50 per­cent of those sur­veyed have sex outside […]

Gay Marriage On The Rocks: Ain’t No Surprise

The wheels appear to have come off the gay mar­riage bus in the US and no one seems to know how to put them back on.  Not even the les­bi­ans. And that’s not accord­ing to med­dlin’ Limey Uncle Tom ‘slut’ me (as I was dubbed by the Voice of Gay America) but accord­ing to the gay-marriage-supporting  New […]

That Nice Mr Alain de Botton Can Be Nasty Too!

It’s just been drawn to my slow-witted atten­tion that the ‘pop­u­lar philo­spher’ and pro­fes­sion­ally nice Alain de Botton last month had an hil­ari­ous hissy fit over a crit­ical review of his latest offer­ing ‘The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work’ by Caleb Crain in the New York Times. Now, none of us writer types like bad reviews — and I’ve penned […]

Limo Liberals Take The High Road to Defeat

By Mark Simpson Claiming the moral high ground is, in my view, the low­est form of polit­ics. No doubt this means that, like the voters of Pennsylvania, I don’t read The New York Times enough. We’re really miss­ing out. Yesterday’s haughty edit­or­ial in the wake of Senator Clinton’s con­vin­cing vic­tory in that key state, despite […]