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The Perfect Mandate: Obama & Becks (& the Media)

David Beckham, global poster-boy for met­ro­sexu­al­ity, sport­ing an Edwardian beard, had a hot date with Obama at the White House today. Though he had to bring his team-mates along as LA Galaxy were being hon­oured with a recep­tion after win­ning the Major League Soccer Cup, America’s equi­val­ent of the Premiership. After list­ing the soc­cer star’s achieve­ments, introducing […]

Metrosexual Daddy Mark Simpson interviewed by Elise Moore

English author and journ­al­ist Mark Simpson on love-hating the met­ro­sexual, why bromance lacks balls, and why women are strap­ping on Captain Kirk. By Elise Moore (Suite 101, May 6, 2010) If you could copy­right neo­lo­gisms, Mark Simpson would be a bil­lion­aire. Since you can’t, the British gay/gender issues and pop/culture com­ment­ator talked to Suite101 about the […]

Republican Great White Hope Scott Brown’s Pink Leather Past

A pro­file on the truck driv­ing Republican Presidential hope­ful from Boston Scott Brown in Vanity Fair caused a few chuckles last week with his wife’s cheeky rev­el­a­tion about the pink leather shorts he wore to his first date with her in the 1980s.  Here’s the money shot: “The pink­ish color drained from [Brown’s] face when I […]

Star Trek Boldy Goes Into the Obama Era

Mark Simpson, The London Times (April 16, 2009) It died a death dur­ing the Bush years in 2005, but it’s back. I’m talk­ing of course, about the American Dream. Rebooted. In kinky boots. The first teas­ing trailer for the new Star Trek movie in January last year showed glimpses of a shiny new USS Enterprise “under construction”. […]

Who’s the Diva? Hillary or Obama?

As camp comic Kenneth Williams might say: ‘ark at ‘er! An enter­tain­ing, often incis­ive, if rather, er, campy, Huffington Post art­icle ‘The Diva’s Camp’ about Hillary’s diva power (and why this turns off ‘Obama-colytes’) com­pares Hillary Clinton to Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest: ‘Hillary Clinton is pos­sessed by the spirit of Joan Crawford. Like that notorious […]

The Bitch is Back: Hillary Comes Out Clawing

After being written-off and told to give up, Hillary has earned grudging respect By Mark Simpson (Guardian CIF, 6 March 2008) What is American voters’ prob­lem? The media, on both sides of the Atlantic, has been telling them for weeks that dreary Hillary was “fin­ished” and that Tuesday’s primar­ies were going to be her “Alamo” — […]