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Viennese Gag on Big Strudels

A poster cam­paign advert­ising ‘Nude Men’ (“a long over­due exhib­i­tion on the diverse and chan­ging depic­tions of naked men from 1800 to the present”) at the Leopold Museum in Vienna seems to have aroused the pas­sions of the local phal­liban. I thought the Austrians, like the nut-brown Germans I spied on in Corfu when I […]

Firemen’s Big Hose Sets NY Ablaze

By Mark Simpson, (The Guardian, 8 Aug 2007) The Phalliban, America ‘s kill­joy cam­paign against the male body’s, er, male­ness, strikes yet again. The 2008 Fire Department of New York Calendar of Heroes, the elev­enth in series of snaps of buffed young fire­men stripped to the waist which pro­duces mass hys­teria on the streets of NY on […]

Pillars of the community — the Phalliban pops up again

  In the latest example of the prudish power of the USA’s rampant Phalliban, out­raged res­id­ents of Kaiser, Oregon, have deman­ded the removal of some newly installed safety pil­lars. Apparently they are too remin­is­cent of male gen­italia. What a load of bol­lards. Although I’m no expert on American pen­ises, I’ve seen a few in my […]

Speedophobia: America’s Fear and Loathing of Budgie Smuggling

Mark Simpson undresses the tor­tured rela­tion­ship between American men and their swim­suits (Out, February 2007) PROHIBITEDTHE WEARING OF SKIN-TIGHT FORM-FITTING OR BIKINI TYPE APPAREL OR BATHING SUITS BY MALES OVER 12 YRSAGE  If the stern, kill­joy rub­ric of this warn­ing sign, erec­ted in the 1960s by the good people of Cape May, N.J., sounds […]