The Celebrity Sex Lives of Rats

‘Men brought up with women are less sexy’ announced the headline in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, the UK’s last daily broadsheet.  A headline which has, unsurprisingly, helped to make it the second most popular story on their website.  A headline which provokes a number of intriguing questions.  Questions such as: Men brought up with women are less sexy than… what?  Men brought up with wolves?  Or, men who attended Eton? The Daily Telegraph’s Science Correspondent helpfully elaborates: ‘Having a large number of female siblings makes men […]

The Zombie Media’s Hunger for Gay Brains

“Brains! Give me gay brains!” So the global media has been moaning this week, arms outstretched and flailing, sightless eyes staring fixedly ahead. You can hardly have missed this story. We’ve been here several times before, most recently with the story about ‘gay drivers being as bad as women’, but the press clearly can’t get enough of this kind of ‘gay science’. Especially when it appears to confirm the popular, consoling and time-honoured view of gay men as women’s souls trapped in men’s bodies. The […]