The Celebrity Sex Lives of Rats

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Men brought up with women are less sexy’ announced the head­line in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, the UK’s last daily broad­sheet.  A head­line which has, unsur­pris­ingly, helped to make it the second most pop­u­lar story on their web­site.  A head­line which pro­vokes a num­ber of intriguing ques­tions.  Questions such as: Men brought up with women are less sexy than… what?  Men brought up with wolves?  Or, men who atten­ded Eton? The Daily Telegraph’s Science Correspondent help­fully elab­or­ates: ‘Having a large num­ber of female sib­lings makes men no less het­ero­sexual but their…read more


The Zombie Media’s Hunger for Gay Brains

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Brains! Give me gay brains!” So the global media has been moan­ing this week, arms out­stretched and flail­ing, sight­less eyes star­ing fix­edly ahead. You can hardly have missed this story. We’ve been here sev­eral times before, most recently with the story about ‘gay drivers being as bad as women’, but the press clearly can’t get enough of this kind of ‘gay sci­ence’. Especially when it appears to con­firm the pop­u­lar, con­sol­ing and time-honoured view of gay men as women’s souls trapped in men’s bod­ies. The only intel­li­gent piece I’ve read on…read more


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