Fag-Up, America

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Column by yours truly over on HuffPo about why America needs to drop the manly strap-ons and fag-up instead.


A Bit of Laurie (& Fry)

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At first I thought it was a mis­take, but then I real­ised that L’Oreal wasn’t look­ing for mod­els but for people with strong per­son­al­it­ies, who are worth it…and who aren’t afraid to pro­claim that using cos­met­ics can be a very mas­cu­line decision after all.”    – Hugh Laurie.  L’Oreal’s new middle-aged poster boy Hugh Laurie — or Hugh L’Oreal as he shall hence­forth be known — used to attend the same gym as me in the 1990s, in Tufnel Park, North London, before he moved to the bright lights of…read more


The Metrosexual is Undead

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How many obit­u­ar­ies will the press write for the met­ro­sexual before they finally accept that he’s immor­tal? Or at least, undead? That every time they cut off his head and pro­nounce him ‘deceased’ they replace him with even more met­ro­sexu­al­ity? I was recently asked some ques­tions by Maria Paz Lopez for the Spanish national news­pa­per La Vanguardia about the sup­posed ‘decline’ of the met­ro­sexual in response to a piece in food and drink retail­ing magazine The Grocer called ‘Rise of the Retrosexual’, also widely-publicised in the UK — though no journ­al­ists here took the…read more


Henry Finally Throws in the Towel

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Much-loved British heavy­weight boxer Henry Cooper died this week. Unborn in 1963, the year he nearly defeated Cassius Clay (the Brits love near-winners much more than win­ners), I remem­ber him for the curi­ous Brut TV com­mer­cials he did in the 1970s that helped usher in the world of male product aisles in super­mar­kets and spor­no­graphic advert­ising we know today. ‘Enery’s ‘omely fea­tures and work­ing class man’s man status, along with the ironic play on Brut/brute, guar­an­teed that there was noth­ing poofy about men using cologne as more than just an after­shave…read more


Retrosexuality isn’t what it used to be

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My atten­tion was recently drawn by a con­cerned mem­ber of the brows­ing pub­lic to a piece on, ‘Retrosexuals: The latest lame macho catch­phrase’ by Aaron Traister, enter­tain­ingly lam­bast­ing the ‘new’ ret­ro­sexual trend: I woke up this morn­ing to dis­cover my local paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, ped­dling a story about America’s new favor­ite model of man: the ret­ro­sexual. Normally I ignore almost everything in my local paper, but this, in com­bin­a­tion with a recent art­icle in the New York Times about the sequel to “The Official Preppy Handbook,” has got…read more


Republican Great White Hope Scott Brown’s Pink Leather Past

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A pro­file on the truck driv­ing Republican Presidential hope­ful from Boston Scott Brown in Vanity Fair caused a few chuckles last week with his wife’s cheeky rev­el­a­tion about the pink leather shorts he wore to his first date with her in the 1980s.  Here’s the money shot: “The pink­ish color drained from [Brown’s] face when I asked him about it dur­ing a con­ver­sa­tion in his cam­paign office just before we took off in the truck. He cla­ri­fied that the shorts weren’t some­thing that he went out and pur­chased — it wasn’t…read more


Damn Right Your Dad Swallowed

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You may remem­ber I couldn’t res­ist pok­ing fun a while back at Canadian Club’s ‘Your Dad Wasn’t A Metrosexual’ poster, the one with with the tag line ‘Damn Right Your Dad Drank It’.  It turns out there were sev­eral instal­ments in that faux retro cam­paign, includ­ing ‘Your Dad Never Tweezed Anything’, the very appet­ising ‘Your Mom Wasn’t Dad’s First’, and the pos­it­ively lipsmack­ing, ‘Your Dad Had a Van For a Reason’. (I kid you not.) It appears that the cam­paign received some bad press in Canada, and I wasn’t the only…read more


Your Dad Wasn’t a Metrosexual: But His Best Buddy Was

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Mmmmm. Retrosexual mas­culin­ity. Served in a rocks glass. Effortless. Unselfconscious. Dated. It tastes just like your… dad. Unlike you, of course. You mois­tur­ize. Go to the gym. Watch what you eat. Fret about whether you’re worthy of love. Worry about what mas­culin­ity actu­ally means. And taste of tea-tree oil and lav­ender. If only we could bring those days back! When you could oper­ate heavy machinery and speed­boats pissed out of your mind. When no one thought you might be homo. When the only magazines you bought were Popular Mechanics and…read more


The Sun newspaper: Retro or Metro?

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So, Cilla, which of our lovely lads is the pub­lic going to plump for? Will it be ‘Dave’ the ret­ro­sexual PE teacher from Liverpool with a pint, who only uses after­shave his mum bought him for Christmas ‘on spe­cial occa­sions’ (but seems to be rather fond of hair product)? Or will it be ‘Joe’ the met­ro­sexual Accounts Manager from Essex with a glass of Chardonnay and perched on an Ikea stool (I know where it’s from because I have one) who spends £350 a month on clothes and goes to the…read more


Waxing Desmond Morris

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By Mark Simpson (Independent on Sunday, 21 Jan 2008) Every child wants to be a zoo­keeper when they grow up. To run a place where everything is in its place, and has noth­ing to do but eat, shit and breed — to your timetable. Maybe it’s a yen for revenge on the par­ents who brought them into the world without ask­ing their per­mis­sion first, or maybe it’s just because chil­dren are all little dic­tat­ors with a peaked-cap fet­ish. Most though aban­don these zoo fuehrer dreams when they actu­ally grow up. Not…read more


Who are you calling hummersexual?

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by Mark Simpson (The Guardian, October 10, 2006) There’s a war going on in the US. A war on met­ros. After years liv­ing under the cruel designer heel of those tri­umphant met­ro­sexu­als, poor old ret­ro­sexu­als — alias “reg­u­lar guys” — are fight­ing back. Old-time, unself-conscious, un-moisturised mas­culin­ity is in. Guys are guys again, with manly, painstak­ingly shaped and trimmed beards. They eat manly food, drive manly trucks and read manly books on man­li­ness. Or so you may have heard. Truth be told, this is a phoney war. The “menais­sance” is men­dacious.…read more


Metrosexual Knobs’ — Can They Satisfy?

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Poor Mark Latham, the former leader of the Australian Labour Party, isn’t happy with the state of Australian man­hood. Like so many things, it isn’t as good or as big or as sat­is­fy­ing as it used to be. In his new book (curi­ously titled ’A Conga Line of Suckholes’) he laments: “One of the sad­dest things I have seen in my life­time has been the decline in Australian male cul­ture … Australian mates and good blokes have been replaced by nervous wrecks, met­ro­sexual knobs and toss bags.” I’m not sure who…read more


Faux-Retrosexual Backlash: Letter to ‘Business Week’

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The Editor Business Week Sir, As the ‘father’ of the met­ro­sexual (and also appar­ently of his anti­thet­ical brother the ret­ro­sexual) my atten­tion was drawn to your cover art­icle ‘Secrets of the male shop­per’ by Nanette Byrnes. Since she talked so much about my off­spring, it would have been nice if Ms Byrnes had con­tac­ted me to check some of her metro fam­ily his­tory. When I first wrote about him in a UK news­pa­per in 1994 (‘Here come the mir­ror men’, Independent), I was not being insult­ing. Amused yes, but fondly…read more


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