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I’m not much of a Robbie Williams fan. ‘Bromance’ leaves me cold. And I hated Brokeback Mountain. But per­haps I’m a big softy really because I rather like this video for Williams’ single ‘Shame’ which brings all these themes together, adds a hairy Gary Barlow, Robbie’s once-reviled Take That col­lab­or­ator, and takes its top off. What was it Dusty said? ‘The best part of break­ing up is when you’re mak­ing up’ Yes, the ‘Toys R Us’ line is a real clanger, a reminder of Robbie’s gurn­ing, annoy­ing­ness, and the song is…read more


Why doesn’t America love Robbie Williams?

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by Mark Simpson (Originally appeared on, April 2003) It’s tough grow­ing up British. Not just for all the obvi­ous Austin Powers-esque reas­ons, such as our medi­eval dentistry, endemic mold prob­lems and epi­demic dandruff, but for some­thing much more exist­en­tial. The British are great and enthu­si­astic believ­ers in Original Sin. In Britain, would you Adam and Eve it, we devoutly accept that we are all Fallen, all doomed before we are born, that no child how­ever lovely and chuckly and pink-skinned is born inno­cent. Of course, since we lib­er­ated the mon­as­ter­ies,…read more


Curiouser and Curiouser: the Strange ‘Disappearance’ of Male Bisexuality

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  The recent spate of media reports of the com­mon­ness of female bisexu­al­ity — and the ‘non-existence’ of the male vari­ety — inclines Mark Simpson to won­der why we seem to be kid­ding ourselves about the real, red-blooded nature of the ‘bi-curious’ times we’re liv­ing in Male bisexu­al­ity doesn’t exist. Or it’s very, very rare. Or it’s really just gay men in denial. Yeah, it’s offi­cial: bi guys are freaks and liars as well as non-existent. Female bisexu­al­ity, on the other hand, is almost uni­ver­sal. It’s as nat­ural and as true as it…read more

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